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5 Things The Obama Administration Had No Idea The Obama Administration Was Doing

 "I wouldn’t be surprised if President Obama learned Osama bin Laden had been killed when he saw himself announce it on television." -- Jon Stewart

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History Map of the United States

  It's fascinating to        watch the evolution of growth from the 13 colonies up to the present day        -- with dates, wars, purchases, etc. all included. As much as you may know        about American history, I guarantee you'll learn something from this short        video clip.

When it opens, do        not click on Go at the bottom...but        rather... click on   Play at the        top.)


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What happened to the Founders?

Our Lives, Our Fortunes, Our Sacred Honor" by Rush Limbaugh's father

It was a glorious morning. The sun was shining and the wind was from the Southeast. Up especially early, a tall bony, redheaded young Virginian found time to buy a new thermometer, for which he paid three pounds, fifteen shillings. He also bought gloves for Martha, his wife, who was ill at home.

Thomas Jefferson arrived early at the statehouse. 

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