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Breakthrough.jpgBreakthrough: Our Guerilla War to Expose Fraud and Save Democracy 

by James O'Keefe

A Review By Valerie Sisneros, re-printed here courtesy of The Pono Press, Tea Party Maui 

I LOVED this book! I am a huge fan of James O’Keefe. He was brought into the spotlight when he presented Andrew Breitbart with his sting videos of the ACORN employees advising him on how to get taxpayer funding for his new business: Teenage Prostitution. Since then, he has amassed and released a collection of videos confirming the corruption and fraud at Planned Parenthood, NPR, Medicaid, the labor unions, The New Jersey Educational Association, and multiple instances of voter fraud, to name just a few. One of the most well-known videos is the sting where James hopes to prove to our esteemed U.S. Attorney General, that voter fraud does
exist, despite Holder’s proclamation that this is a myth. Without showing voter ID, one of
O’Keefe’s associates is offered Eric Holder’s ballot with very little prompting.

This kid is so dedicated to getting out the truth and making a difference. He calls his organization Project Veritas, which is Latin for TRUTH. So far, he has enlisted about 25 other young videographers and citizen journalists, willing to pose as whatever character is needed to shed the light on as many of these corrupt enterprises as possible. Because of their dedication to the cause and fearless determination, in just 2013 some of the Project Veritas accomplishments have been:

  •   4 Obamacare Navigators fired or suspended:

  •   1-- Organizing for America and Enroll America directors to resign

  •   1-- Congressional hearing exposing Obamacare Navigator fraud

  •   1-- National retraining of all Obamacare Navigators

  •   3-- Obamaphone employees fired and FCC warnings to Obamaphone carriers, demanding income verification

  •   Removal of the Journal News’ Gun-Owner Map and the firing of 17 of their employees.

  •   The Voter ID law in North Carolina being signed into law

  •   Congress has blocked funding for ACORN 13 times, to date

    This is just a sampling of the impact that this young patriot has made in a short time. He is regularly and viciously attacked by the media that fails to do the job of reporting on these crimes, and he is constantly under scrutiny by the powers that be. He was arrested and held, and then restricted from traveling outside of Louisiana for 3 years. This happened while working on a sting video that went awry. This project was an attempt to prove that Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu was purposely blocking access to Tea Party members who were trying to call her in opposition to Obamacare. The details of this fiasco are an entertaining read, as is the entire book.

    One of my favorite parts was when he had two young men pose as rich Muslim Brotherhood men who were expressing interest in giving $5 million to NPR, to offset the threat of Republican defunding and to keep NPR on air, since “the Jews control the rest of the media”. The NPR execs were anxious to take the bait since, in their opinion, the (R) party has been hi-jacked by the “radical, racist, Islamophobic, Tea Party people”. The day after the release of this video, the NPR CEO was forced out of her job.

    My favorite quote from the book was “People think you need talent to do what we do. No, what you really need is the will to act and the resolve to follow through. Willpower and courage--these are the most important qualities...”

    I do not want to give too much info about this book, JUST READ IT! It will make you mad, make you smile, and probably want to do all you can to cheer on these brave, young citizen journalists. I am always happy to see my belief once again validated, that one person CAN make a difference.
    Even if you do not have time to read the book, please check out O’Keefe’s website at ProjectVeritas.com to see what he is up to next. You can sign up for updates and yes, he will be asking for funds to finance his projects. But, in my opinion, this is one cause that is not only important, but fun to support. Go get ‘em James!!


Pono Press, January-February 2014, Page 8 

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