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Comment on IBD.com on the retirement of Leftist Representative Henry Waxman

"Tom from Michigan" posted this great comment a week ago, soon after Waxman's retirement was announced and written up at Investors Business Daily

"One of the greatest perversions of The Founders' vision of representative democratic republicanism is 

the ensconcement of career politicians whose main purpose is self aggrandizement as opposed to their putative role of representing The People.

"The Founders imagined the two year term in the House would allow The People to better express their wishes by a constant turnover of representation. Of course, this has not happened and we end up with incredibly destructive, unaccountable people instead of those who would express the vox populi.

"Some of the most egregious examples are right here in Detroit where Democrats John David Dingell, Jr. who has been a member of the United States House of Representatives continuously since entering Congress on December 13, 1955 and John James Conyers, Jr., a member since 1965 have presided over and made tremendous contributions to the death of what was once America's greatest city. These two guys know they can do whatever they please and nothing - and, I mean nothing - will ever get them booted out of office.

"Imagine, if you will what the nation will look like as we deteriorate into a one-party state like Detroit though a combination of Democrat election stealing (And, the Chicago Mob has this refined to a vertiable art form) and the slow suicide of the Republican Party. Their last chance at salvation is to embrace conservativism, once and for all.

"Take the time to look at economic statistics and, you will see our fate here is well on its way to becoming your fate there.

"hillary clinton's (A member in good standing of The Mob) election in 2016 will seal the deal on the Detroitification of America."

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