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Convention of States and Compact for America

The Convention of States movement is gaining momentum across the country.  Citizens and state legislators are coming to realize that our federal government, driven by what is most politically expedient, is not going to solve this nation's fiscal crisis.  The political motives to maintain or increase spending and to avoid cuts are simply too high.  We must amend the Constitution to impose limits on federal spending as well as other limits; political pressure is not enough.  In the last legislative session in Arizona, the resolution to call a convention for the purpose of limiting the powers of the federal government was one vote shy of passing in the Senate after passing the house.  This session, the Convention of States Project is better organized and better prepared with a winning strategy to push the resolution through the legislature.  We have volunteers in all key legislative districts that are ready to make the calls and emails when the time comes.  If you would like to get involved with this historic movement go to conventionofstates.com and make your voice heard.   

Dustin D. Romney
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