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Scottsdale Residents And Business Owners:
Don't Vote To Increase Your Property Taxes!


Please join my husband, Scottsdale City Councilman Bob Littlefield, and me in voting AGAINST all four city bond questions on the November 5th election ballot.

There are three reasons these bonds should be defeated:

1. It is a BIG property tax increase during a weak economy. Approving these bonds would result in a 31% increase in Scottsdale’s property tax burden over the next four years.

2. While this bond package includes some worthy projects, it also contains many items that the city does not need and certainly should not take on more debt to acquire. Unfortunately, voters cannot approve the good projects and reject the bad. The truly worthy projects are bundled with unworthy ones, forcing voters who want the worthy projects to approve the unworthy ones too! Even worse, there is no guarantee that, if the bonds are approved, the money would be spent in the ways voters were promised. When the bond package was approved by the City Council majority, they added language which gives the City Council and staff the maximum "flexibility" in allocating the bond money. Translation: you may not even get what you voted for! This is a classic example of bureaucratic "bait and switch" and should be rejected.

3. The City is asking you to increase your property taxes to make up for their lack of fiscal discipline. For the last several years we have been balancing the operating budget not by cutting expenses but by cutting contributions to the capital budget.

We are urging voters to reject these four bond questions and send a strong message to the City Council to resubmit to the voters a leaner bond package that

 Includes only the most vital projects.

 Presents each project separately for individual up-or-down votes.

 Includes language that allows bond money to be spent only in ways specifically approved by the voters.

Rejecting these four bond questions will also send a clear message to the City Council to stop balancing the operating budget by cutting contributions to the capital budget!

If these questions pass, you, the taxpayers, may or may not get the projects for which you actually voted. But make no mistake; you will pay to the tune of almost a quarter of a billion dollars (plus interest) for the next 25 years.

Kathy Littlefield, Chairperson
Keep Scottsdale Special in Opposition to Questions 1, 2, 3 & 4.

Please pass this info on to your friends and neighbors who are Scottsdale voters! The pro-bond-tax campaign is spending literally tens of thousands of dollars to mislead voters into believing that these bonds will not increase their taxes, and we need all the grassroots help we can get to combat their spin.




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