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Waking the Sleeping Giant

Sleeping_Giant.jpgNow the subject of our Book Club beginning February  6, 2014 - see Book Club and Events tab for more information.

Two interviews with the author of Waking the Sleeping Giant

 I do not listen to much, if anything, on the internet, but this is terrific. In 2 interviews the author of Waking the Sleeping Giant crystallize the problem and proposes detailed solutions. If you want to help to turn this Country away from Socialism, this is a must listen.  The Interviewer is Justice Thomas's wife.

For Dr. Timothy Daughtry, a clinical psychologist who has co-authored a book for mainstream Americans, too many citizens think they have done their civic duty if they show up to vote and return to their normal lives.

To Daughtry, they are “like summer tourists in politics,” whereas the progressives are like the “locals.”

For more detail about the book and author 

“We’ve got to get active now or we are going to lose this republic,” Daughtry says. The danger is, he says, that “our country is being taken away from us right under our very noses.”

He believes that a historic debate is being played out about whether Americans are citizens or subjects of their government.

Conservatives are on defense too much to succeed, he thinks, but also believes that help is on the way as citizens are waking up to the problems caused by both political parties.

“We have to make the left start defending socialism instead of us defending liberty,” Daughtry said.

Mainstream America started waking up when Republicans and Democrats in Washington embracing bailouts, which he says “fundamentally struck Americans as wrong.”

Then, the widespread unpopularity of Obamacare became surprisingly irrelevant to a government that “rammed it through anyway.”

Educational textbooks depicting American history through a distorted lens of progressive ideology that glorifies redistribution is another “red flag” waking up parents, Daughtry believes.

Losing cultural institutions to the left, like the media, education and entertainment, is far more significant, says Daughtry, than the harm done by the U.S. government. Daughtry also discusses how to respond to being called an extremist or a racist in this two-part interview.

He thinks conservatives should not accept the left’s premises, since the left has done incalculable damage to the black community with their policies and programs. Now more than ever, conservative solutions need to be introduced to the marketplace of ideas that many activists are now joining.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2014/01/12/psychologist-teaches-mainstream-americans-how-to-beat-liberals-at-their-own-game-video/#ixzz2qmwExo5m

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