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Advice from Jenny Beth Martin for 2014

Dear Patriot,

Believe it or not, the 2014 election campaign has started. And the Tea Party movement needs to make a huge splash this year.

Through the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund PAC we are going to support pro-limited government candidates across the nation who are standing up to both liberal Democrats and big-government "Republicans."

Our goal is not to prop up any particular party. Our mission isĀ 

to find candidates who will help save the nation.

Just imagine if we had more true Tea Party allies in the U.S. Senate last month. The Senate Republicans might have held firm against Obamacare and we wouldn't have to suffer through this disaster now.

Or imagine if we had just a few more tough-as-nails Constitutional champions in the House last winter when "Republican" leaders were caving and supporting Barack Obama's tax hikes. We could have forced through serious budget cuts.

That's why next year's election is so incredibly important. That's why we are preparing NOW for these brutal political battles. We need more Tea Party heroes like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Mike Lee!

This week we began conducting a series of surveys of hundreds of thousands of Tea Party supporters to learn what people like you want in a candidate, which issues are most important to you, and what incumbent politicians we should target for defeat.

Next we'll process all this data, devise a master strategy, and report back to you.

This is a grassroots movement. Not a top-down autocracy. Our mission is to unite our activists, and together we'll strike a blow for freedom in next year's elections.

It won't be easy, however. The liberal Democrats despise our candidates and our values. They'll fight back hard.

And the Republican establishment has made it very clear that it will defend its government-loving incumbents and that it considers the Tea Party - us - to be its mortal enemies.
My friend, we are in for one massive political battle. And it's a battle we have to win.

America's future is on the line.

Jenny Beth Martin
Tea Party Patriots

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