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Brnovich Lawsuit against the EPA

Last week Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich and the Arizona Corporation Commission joined a lawsuit with 23 other states against the EPA's mandates on our state. They are filing suit against the Obama administration to ensure Arizona's energy resources continue to be affordable and reliable.

Please send a quick e-mail to Attorney General Brnovich and the Arizona Corporation Commission to thank them for protecting Arizona ratepayers and jobs. Also, sign our petition to tell your congressional representative to fight the Obama administration from Congress.

Thank you again for standing with Americans for Prosperity-Arizona!


Boaz Witbeck
Policy Analyst
Americans for Prosperity Arizona

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Convention of States Legislation HR 2003

HCR 2003 passed yesterday in the State House, which authorizes the Article V Convention. Rep. Townsend sponsored it and it was sent over to the Senate today. At the end of last year Senator Biggs was opposed to it.  Contact Senator Andy Biggs and Contact John Kavanagh with your position.

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HB 2629 Repeals Mandatory State Bar Membership

state_bar.jpegLD 23 Representative, Jay Lawrence, is a co-sponsor of HB2629 introduced to the House on February 9, which provides, in pertinent part: 



Go here, and scroll down, for the link to research & to follow this Bill.

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Why Arizona Lawmakers Need Longer Terms by Sen John Kavanagh


State senator: Arizona would be far better served by lawmakers with four-year terms. Here's why:

Arizona would be better served if it changed state legislative terms from two to four years.

Supporters of two-year terms make two key arguments:

-- First, two-year terms enable voters to change the composition of the Legislature quickly to reverse incipient bad state policy.

-- Second, they make elected officials more accountable to voters.

But incumbent legislators rarely lose elections, and changing the composition of the Legislature requires simultaneously ousting many legislators. It is nearly impossible to change the Legislature's composition in a single election. Most legislators leave office voluntarily or due to term limits.

Incumbents rarely lose elections for several reasons. The main is that 

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Rep Jay Lawrence on why he voted against the Tesla Bill

jay_lawrence.jpegRep Jay Lawrence posted this explanation on Facebook: 

Another day, another interesting bill. And another great example of how lobbyists can work, the process can work, and how different members hear different sales pitches based on their personal beliefs. We heard a bill designed to benefit Tesla, a company that produces a great looking car but that doesn’t want to play by the rules in terms of using dealerships to sell their products. The pitch to me was “free market!” which naturally resonates. But the company on which lobbyists are trying to pitch me is owned by a man whose entire fortune is dependent on government subsidies, loans, etc. Tesla itself loses money on every car it sells until you factor in the various pro-environment subsidies that state and federal governments kick in. Ultimately I sided with the system we have and the way it protects consumers and allows dealers to play advocate, provide service, etc. I also voted to honor the rules of the game as we have set them up in an effort to lure literally hundreds of millions of dollars of investments from auto dealers. Maybe I would have felt differently if Tesla made a product that could stand on its own in an actual free market? Still, I suspect my respect for those who have invested so much into our communities and who employ so many in a system that works so well for the consumers would still win the day.

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Michelle Ugenti - February Column for LD 23

michelle_ugenti.jpegAs I begin my third term as a member of the Arizona House of Representatives I have been tasked with new responsibilities and look forward to addressing the many issues that continue to face Arizona.  It is with your continued support that I am able to advocate for smaller, more efficient government, a balanced budget while reducing our debt, and maintaining the crucial functions of government.

This year, I was appointed to serve as Chairman of the Elections Committee.   Voting and elections are crucial to our democracy.  On the heels of the recent election and numerous cases in the courts concerning voting and elections, a new committee was established to manage these issues.  As a member who knows all too well the challenges of attempting to reform the election process and having successfully done so, I welcome this role.

In 2012, I sponsored legislation to consolidate the date of all elections, which would have 

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