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Jeff Flake Takes on Soros -- We Should be Grateful

Jeff_Flake.jpgSen. Jeff Flake doesn’t always get our praise but his work fighting George Soros from taking over the Internet deserves our recognition.

Over the course of the past decade, George Soros, the Ford Foundation and Google have spent nearly a quarter of a billion to control the net. Their allies in the Obama Federal Communications Commission jammed through on a 3-2 vote the falsely named “Net Neutrality” in 2015.  Then, just before the administration came to an end, the FCC jammed through so-called “privacy” regulations on Internet Service Providers (ISPs).  The harsh rules created a confusing two-tiered system with separate rules for broadband providers and other collectors of information like Google, Facebook — entities that possess vastly more private and personal information about consumers.

Think about it this way, Google stores vastly more information than 

any Internet Service Provider (ISP).  One writer described the situation like this: Assume a consumer has a Gmail account, uses Google Drive, Google Maps, GooglePay, has a Google+ account, browses the Internet with Chrome while logged into her Google account, and uses an Android phone, which is linked to her Google account. In this case, Google knows the consumer’s name, has access to her emails, can access her documents, her Maps history, has her payment information, has access to her browsing history, and so much more. Google, therefore, has much greater access to information about the consumer than an ISP could ever dream of having.” Yet, Google is not covered by these “privacy regulations.”

Before the rules went into effect, Sen. Flake went to work taking on Google and Soros head-on.  He got the House and Senate to pull the plug on the new rules, rolling back another big-government plank of the Obama White House.    Rush Limbaugh spoke about the issue on his show Thursday. 

For those concerned about privacy, need not worry.  The Federal Trade Commission has had rules in place protecting consumers for nearly two decades – and they have worked.  Those rules remain in force.  You wouldn’t know it from the headlines in the Arizona Republic or the New York Times.  Flake’s town hall meetings have been flooded with Soros minions screaming that he ended privacy online.  Frankly, the angrier they get, the prouder I am.

This past Election Day, the American people demanding we roll back the Obama excesses. Mr. Flake help make that demand a reality. 

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