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Packages from Home for the Troops!

Collection Oct.18-Nov.18th - We will be collecting items for our soldiers serving overseas; most in remote locations without access to a PX or mess hall.  There are over 13,00 serving in Afghanistan alone.  These packages remind our soldiers of our love and support for their service.  

DSCF1960.jpgThe Hot List...  

Food Items:

Single drink mix,

Pop Tarts

P.B. cracker packs (6/pack)


Sunflower seeds

Tea Bags, individually wrapped

Hot Chocolate packages

Hygiene Items:

Small Foot/Body powder (about 8-10 inches tall) ,

Eye drops,  

Hand  sanitizer ( 2-3 oz Travel size)

Dental floss, Shaving Gel (non-aerosol)

Toilet Paper (really?)

Baby wipes 

Returning soldiers are not allowed to drive for the first 48 hours after their return. Let’s get them some gift cards ($10) to places like Subway, McDonalds, Papa John’s, Dominoes, Pizza Hut who either deliver or are on every corner, so that those without families have a treat on us to thank them for their service.

Cash donations are welcome.  PFH spends up to $4000/week in shipping charges with UPS.

Bring your items to our October and November General Meeting or drop them off  at Nativity Episcopal Church 22405 N. Miller Road.

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