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A chance to give our opinion of Obamacaid!

Barak Obama wants our opinion on how the ACA!  This came via Organizing for Action, and I just could not resist the opportunity to respond.

These are the questions I asked: 

1.  How will the IPAB affect Medicare Patients? 

2.  Will the government do a cost/benefit analysis in order to establish the amount that will be paid for any particular medical procedure based on the patient's age & physical condition? 

3.  How much of the cost of the ACA is attributed to overhead - boards, commissions, committees, software development & maintenance & marketing?

4.  Will the ACA provide the same level of service as Veterans' Healthcare and Indian Healthcare? 

5.  Will the government re-coup for the taxpayer the cost of, or committed to, the contractors who failed to provide a functioning Healthcare.org computer site?

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