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A Petition Drive to Place the DDC Before the Voters

We are putting together a citizen's petition to the city council to request that they pass a resolution or change the city charter to REQUIRE a public vote on anything put into the Preserve that doesn't fully conform to the Preserve Ordinance or the use of any Preserve funds for anything other than acquiring land, building trails, or building trail heads for access and wanted to give you all a chance to be part of that petition if you want. I have attached the petition in PDF form that you can print out and fill in if you want to be added to the list of citizens that want to be part of this petition. You can also just send me your name and address and I can add you to the copy we have. You are encouraged to get any other people you know, who are similarly concerned about the DDC, to sign on as well. Please e-mail or send me any petitions you get signed or e-mail a list of names and addresses of those who want to be included. It would be nice to have signatures, but not absolutely necessary, but we do need names and addresses.

I have also formed a Facebook page called "Friends of Scottsdale's Preserve" and if you "like" it you will get updates as we post them.

As always, thanks for caring about what happens to the Preserve we all bought.

Howard Myers


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A Petition Drive to Place the DDC Before the Voters
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