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An Update on National Tea Party Patriots Efforts

TPP_logo.jpeg from Jenny Beth Martin - Here is more information about projects that they are currently working on.

Stop Congressional Exemptions from Obamacare:

Congress continues to exempt themselves and staffers from Obamacare.  Tea Party Patriots is launching a petition drive to support Senator David Vitter’s bill to force Congress to live under its own laws. Our polling about this issues suggests that individuals across the political spectrum want to end this practice hope you will consider informing your members about this project:


Tea Party Patriots would also like to run an ad to give the American people more visibility to the Congressional Exemption.  Please click the link below to see the ad:


Make no mistake, we are still all in for full-repeal and will continue pushing that, but we feel like it is important for force Congress and their staffs to live under the disastrous law so that they have an even greater incentive to repeal it.

Resources from Sunday Night:

Legislative Update (PDF) (Audio)

ObamaCare Truth Squad:

If you would like to contact Chris Wright directly about his work with the ObamaCare Truth Squad please email him at cwdirect22201@yahoo.com.

Thank you,

Jenny Beth Martin and the National Support Team

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An Update on National Tea Party Patriots Efforts
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An Update on National Tea Party Patriots Efforts
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