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Arizona Tea Party, First State Convention May 31, 2014

web_banner_revised_175pixels_high.jpgDavid Paine and John Castiglia attended the first Arizona State Tea Party Convention on behalf of TPS and brought back some detailed notes and thoughts.  Thanks much, Dave & John!

The Event focused on Activism & Strategy and the focus is on Education, Resources and Improving Communication between groups, all in the effort to restore the Constitution.   We can do this by expanding our use of Social Media!  It took us 100 years to drift this far left - we cannot turn the Country around over night.

Preaching to the choir will not make it happen - Outreach and education to discontented American Voters is important.

 The Mistress of Ceremonies was Jennifer Forbes, Outreach Director.  Jennifer Burke emphasized that we have allowed the left to take over education & now Common Core.  

Ted Farmer - Keep Tea Parties Local.


•Introduction of State Tea Parties, with two minutes per delegate. I spoke on  behalf of TPS and our  focus on education.

Many groups meet more than 1 X month and doing a Book Study, for example "Waking the Sleeping Giant".

The first Arizona Teen Tea Party under the auspices of The Greater Phoenix Tea Party and you can donate specifically to the Teen Group through the GPTP website.

•Americans for Prosperity had a Tucson area Representative, Tom Jenny, and Leslie White from Colorado. She was instrumental in a statewide campaign to recall a tax-and-spending leader in the Statehouse.

Tom Jenney focused on reaching out to middle voters - we will sway the true Leftists - We have lots of Monks - what we need is more Missionaries. 

•Heritage Action was represented by Trevor Laky.  We are in contact with Trevor to arrange a Social Media Seminar - watch the Web Page for further information.  

•Center for Self Governance was represented by Michael Gibbs. They are both in the area, but CSG is a new organization based in Tennessee. They focus on training Conservatives in Civic Engagement, and their classes are reasonably priced and have set up training for 300 Arizonans so far.

•Bill Norton, spoke for Tea Party Patriots. This time his talk featured some fascinating surveys that show how "Liberals", when you ask them non-partisan questions, actually share the our values, particularly on individual responsibility and big government.  His charts will soon be available at teapartypatriots.org Developing 8 new Presentations. 

•Lunch - featured Breakout sessions for CSG, AFP, and Heritage Action.

CSG - Focused on getting the right Message out.  They offer 5 Classes/8 hours each.  

•Lance Hurley delivered an outstanding recitation of Patrick Henry's speech, complete with audience members standing in for the Virginia Legislators who argued with Henry's urge to fight.  OUTSTANDING!

•The Keynote speaker was most fascinating. K Carl Smith is a Republican from Birmingham, and he talked with great insight into the life and the meaning of Frederick Douglas to our current situation. His thesis is that Douglas, as a Patriot, Capitalist and advisor to Presidents, helped to bridge the divide between Black Democrats and the Conservative movement. David bought a copy of his short book and action guide, will be happy to share after I read it.

The Four Principles of Frederick Douglas:

     1.  The Constitution

     2.  Respect for Life

     3. Limited Government

     4. Personal Responsibility

Three Challenges to the Conservative Movement:  Inspire, defeat more taxing & take control of the political narrative.

•Tom Niewulis from NCDCS talked about the philosophical and political birth of the "progressive movement" and how it transformed into a Marxist agenda. He had some good information on a 1960-era Congressional resolution defining communism.

•Chris Rossiter spoke on Strategies for achieving Tea Party goals. 

•Darla Dawald spoke for the Patriot Action Network.

•Matthew Burke  spoke for Conservative Media Strategies

•Adjournment was scheduled for 4:35, probably was at 5:00.

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