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Clyde_Bowen.jpegVeterans Day

1/15Millions of men, women and children (some lied about their age to serve; met a guy the other day who joined at fifteen), have died, been wounded, or served, to defend and protect our country.  We will soon have the honor to honor them. Let’s not stop with one holiday.  Vets need our help.  Over 20 a day commit suicide. They are the homeless and the hopeless (PTSD).  There are challenges in every part of the V. A.  The V. A. still may have “The Death Panels”, they decide who lives and who dies!   We should do something, say something, be someone to support our vets.

I’m proud of my ten years in the Air Force.  I’m proud of my dad and his Purple Heart.  I’m proud of 

my uncles who put out fires on ships.  I’m proud of my cousin on burial detail at Arlington National Cemetery who helped bury my Commander in Chief, JFK.  I wasn’t an R or D back then.  I was just an American GI willing to lay down my life (as many did in Vietnam) for someone’s right to call me the “n” word and for someone’s else’s right to say, “good job. Airman Bowen”.  I am also very proud of all of you who served, we are in this world together!  When I see a Vet, I thank them for their service, you should too.  We will soon have more “boots on the ground”, we are constantly at war, so more flag draped coffins.  That’s the heavy toll of freedom and the price they pay so many of us can stay and play.

They who are about to die, salute you.

 Reefer Madness all over again

One of the most dangerous issues of our day is the drive to drug, sedate and seduce us.  Seduce us into believing pot is good for us, sedation is an acceptable state of mind and a drugged citizen is just what the Founding Fathers ordered.

“Reefer Madness” was an old movie produced to make you think pot made you frantic, suicidal and homicidal.

It’s more dangerous than that because it makes you want to do………nothing at all!  At the most important time in our history, we have to be alert, awake and alive to our many, many global challenges but the new campaign slogan seems to be “Some Pot in Every Pot”!

For example, I heard South Korean students study from sunrise to midnight.  Our kids?  White and Hispanic kids are not studying on their tech devices 9 hours a day, black kids, 11 hours a day.  I was gonna tell their parents and authority figures but they were on their Smart Phones, etc. ☺

We have a real crisis.  High school kids are bored to the max, by all means, let’s roll a “doobie”.  County Atty. Montgomery is right to fight against pot with every fibber of his being.

Hospitals have medical and pharmaceutical cocaine for some real medical issues, so there might have been a place for strictly controlled marijuana, but look at California, every “owie” deserves “Bruce Banner” in the brownies? NO, no, no. My friend died at twelve with a heroin needle in his arm.  I said no one would care until white kids started dying.  So, now there are drugs, legal and illegal for everyone, equal opportunity at its worst and many, many people are dying.

Get straight, get clear, get right, use your faith to fight, fight, fight.

Say a prayer, take a breath, not a hit.

Don’t drink the Kool Aid, pass the word, not the joint ☹

They say there will be millions of dollars in legalization, I say millions of dollars with the Problems of Legalization.  Don’t sell your soul America, don’t sell pot.

 The “Caining of Dr. Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson must be doing something right.  The media has begun to beat up on him, attack his credibility, and question his truths.  I personally interviews Herman (999) Cain who said he was going to help people to help themelves as opposed to, say, Hillary Clinton who wants to help people to learn to sing, “Woe is Me”.  Dr. Ben Carson seems to really want to help America.  Dr. Ben should be able to weather this “Tempest in a Teapot”.

Can he Trump Trump?  We shall see.

O’bama got a “pass” but we’re always nicer to non citizens. ☺

Next Time – Breaking News - Creating EPOD IV – The New AAARC Website - 

Remember, everyday is a good day to have God create a good day for you.

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