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Candidate, Allyson Beckham's, Position on the School Bond

Allyson_Beckham.jpegI support the bond because SUSD should invest in its schools’ infrastructure to ensure the facilities provide a safe and functional environment for higher learning. Since the state does not fund structural improvements for existing schools, our local community is responsible for investing in our local district. 

To be clear, the approval of the bond should not be seen as a blank check to be spent over seven years without oversight or careful discernment. With this investment, the Governing Board has a responsibility to taxpayers to ensure the funds are spent wisely and allocated appropriately. Of the proposed $229 million in capital bond debt, 56.6% will be used to rebuild eight schools, and 21.5% will go toward long-term repairs that are needed in all of the district’s schools. (A full breakdown of the bond’s intended uses can be found on the SUSD website under “Elections.”)

It’s important that over the seven-year period, the district administration will annually assess the state of our schools and how to best allocate the capital using data and analysis. Then, the Governing Board will determine each year whether to issue bonds to cover these capital improvements.

In making these decisions, I have confidence in our district’s new leadership, in the City of Scottsdale’s economy, and in our community’s desire to educate our children to their fullest potential. 

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Candidate, Allyson Beckham's, Position on the School Bond
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