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DDC - Vern Swayback & 30+ Acres - For What?????

The city is about to hire an architect to do preliminary plans for the DDC, including the site plan, without even seeing the concepts, exhibits, and estimates of building size to accommodate those exhibits. So the site was selected and plans are being developed yet DDCS claims they don't know what the DDC will be or what experiences it will provide. They are also asking that the footprint be expanded to 30 acres, so obviously they have more of an idea what they want to buildĀ than they are telling anyone.

At the June 7th, city council meeting, Swayback Partners, who have been involved all along, will be awarded the contract for doing the plans of the yet to be defined DDC.

Seems to me the council should have to approved the concepts before DDCS is allowed to develop plans, any normal project would have to go through such a staged development process. The last thing selected should be the site, based on what is required to house all the exhibits and experiences desired, but instead the site was the first thing selected and all the problems of trying to put it on that site were totally ignored. The site also has a huge impact on the management plan and the risk to the city and us taxpayers, putting it outside the Preserve solves all the problems, leaving it in the Preserve just creates problems.

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DDC - Vern Swayback & 30+ Acres - For What?????
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