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Desert Discovery Center

DDC.jpegIn preparation for the upcoming City Council meeting on January 11, 2016, Derek Earle, City Engineer, gave an update on the Desert Discovery Center Management Services at the November meeting of the Tourism Development Commission. The tentative project budget for the first phase of services is $1,696,900. This budget includes $726,900 for the management contract (Desert Discovery Center Scottsdale, Inc.), $700,000 for architectural services (future solicitation), $120,000 for City of Scottsdale management/administrative services, and $150,000 for contingency. Mr. Earle stated that potential funding sources include the Bed Tax, the Preserve Tax and the General Fund. A contribution for development of the research and education program is expected from Arizona State University and is not included in the proposed budget. The slides used for this presentation contain additional information and can be reviewed at the following link. For any questions, please contact Rich Cochran, Board Member and Chair of its DDC Committee.



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Desert Discovery Center
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