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Desert Discovery Center Update 2

DDC.jpegThe City of Scottsdale has published the agenda for the January 11, 2016 City Council meeting. Agenda item #33, the second item on the Regular Agenda, is the "Desert Discovery Center Consulting Services Agreement." This item is a request to authorize a Resolution which would authorize City staff to 1) enter into an agreement with Desert Discovery Center Scottsdale, Inc., for management services to produce a business plan and feasibility analysis. 2) Create a capital improvement project titled Desert Discovery Center Business Plan and Feasibility Analysis, and transfer in $1,696,900 to be funded by Tourism Development Funds. 3) Initiate an amendment to the existing Municipal Use Master Site Plan for a Desert Discovery Center on 30± acres of City-owned land located north of the existing Gateway to the Preserve Trailhead on Thompson Peak Parkway. You can read the full report to City Council including the proposed resolution and contract by clicking here.  All interested stewards are encouraged to attend the City Council meeting to hear the discussion first-hand.

For any questions, please contact Rich Cochran, Board Member and Chair of its DDC Committee.

Here is the link to the full Agenda, Report & Proposed Contract  

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Desert Discovery Center Update 2
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