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Dr Joseph Scherzer on his experience with "Hillarycare" & "Obamacaid"

You may have read this statement of mine, but obamacare is essentially reconstituted HillaryCare. A (death) panel of unelected people, who are IMMUNE FROM JUDICIAL OR LEGISLATIVE REVIEW, will decide what care you May have - or Not. HillaryCare would have made an outlaw of anyone who tried to use their own money to purchase care that her plan denied. Back in the 90's, when I was one of 17 AAPS Board Members who successfully sued the Clinton Health Care Task Force, I experienced a tremendous uphill learning curve re media bias - because NO TV station, nor the NY Times, etc., mentioned this. (FOX news was not yet born.) Conservative print media (Washington Times, Human Events, Wall St. Jl.) DID make this critical fact known. In my view, that one aspect of HillaryCare gave the lie to Health Care Reform being about 'Care.'.

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Dr Joseph Scherzer on his experience with "Hillarycare" & "Obamacaid"
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