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Howard Myers DDC Update

The two city meetings were well attended so a big thank you to everyone who attended and especially for those of you who spoke or asked questions. It was disappointing that neither the city nor the Desert Discovery Center Scottsdale (DDCS) organization, that is responsible for generating a new design and business plan, were at all interested in what the public thought about the DDC or the location they chose. If they didn’t have comment cards, I apologize as ALL city meetings have comment cards so the lack of any would be just another indication that they had no interest in your opinion. While this is disconcerting, it is not totally unexpected as this project is being rammed down our throats by a very arrogant bunch of people who really didn’t want the public to know anything about it until the land was bulldozed and construction started.

So where do we go from here? The city did provide a way to submit comments on line, but 

it is in the form of a survey with only 2 places for comments. All the information on the DDC is on the web page: http://www.scottsdaleaz.gov/construction/desert-discovery-center. On that page, under “Community Conversations & Public Outreach “ you will find a link for their presentation “public meeting presentation” and for the survey “fill out the survey” right next to each other. Most of the survey is so biased it isn’t worth filling out, however other than filling out the beginning, about you and your use of the Preserve, we do want you to use the two boxes where comments can be inserted “What issues would you like to see addressed as part of the Desert Discovery Center Concept” and of course at the end “Please provide any comments on the Desert Discovery Center Concept” to inject your comments and feelings about the DDC and particularly its location. You will have to use these two boxes to provide some real comments on it as they did not provide a way to simply provide comments on line. I will try to get that resolved, but for now we should bombard them with comments in the survey.

Examples of using these two comment boxes are:

“Making the DDC either totally conform to the existing Preserve Ordinance including, all the Preserve Rules, OR moving it outside the Preserve” for the first one.

“The DDC must respect the integrity of the Preserve by being located OUTSIDE the Preserve and then orient visitors to experiences inside the Preserve to further their knowledge, such as interpretative trails and steward led educational hikes, that are totally compatible with the Preserve Ordinance and that already exist. The Preserve is the gem, the ultimate experience, and it should not be degraded by putting a bunch of large buildings in the Preserve. The combination of a DDC outside the Preserve with in Preserve educational experiences in the Preserve is the right way to go which solves ALL the problems created by trying to jam it in the Preserve” for the second one.

Other than completing this on line survey, getting Bob Littlefield elected to replace Mayor Lane and getting Guy Phillips reelected to the city council is crucial so anything you can do to help them get elected would really help. Three of the four city council members who are behind the DDC are up for reelection this year so even replacing one will shift the balance over toward the side of citizens.

We will also be looking at some legal issues to see if there is a way to challenge the city legally, which is the only other way of stopping this and getting the DDC pushed outside the Preserve.

Thanks for all your help in taking on the special interests who want to destroy the Preserve we citizens formed and paid for. One way or the other we have to at least get the DDC moved outside the Preserve.


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Howard Myers DDC Update
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