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Howard Myers on the DDC, Some History & His Response to Councilwoman Korte

First, the e-mail campaign is getting to the council so that is good, they at least are starting to understand the public isn’t going to sit back and let them do whatever they want to OUR Preserve. It has prompted some to respond with a set message they thought about a lot to try to win you over.

Kathy Littlefield and Guy Phillips are firmly against the DDC in the Preserve.

Mayor Lane’s latest response (from his assistant) is that he basically supported my petition to require a public vote, but we are a long way from making that happen and he could change his mind after the election plus it is highly likely the DDCS will come back with their plans for approval before a public vote can be implemented.

Virginia Korte responded with a message that says 

she has been involved since the beginning, which is true, but as a business representative not one of the people making it happen, and her history is distorted as explained some in my response to her below. A few years ago, she also tried to stop further Preserve land acquisitions, presumably to lock up the remaining Preserve funds for the DDC, but we caught her and she quickly backed off saying she was trying to save the money for maintenance (pure bull if you excuse the term).

David Smith is saying the council will address all this when the DDCS comes back with their plans, however he is under the illusion that they were going to look at other sites per his direction, which they clearly aren’t doing. We need to work on him because I believe he will be supportive of making them look outside the Preserve.

I haven’t seen anything from Milhaven and Klapp so if you got something please forward it to me. Milhaven isn’t up for reelection so she could care less what the public thinks. Klapp is up for reelection but maybe she thinks she is loved (certainly not by me), and doesn’t have to respond, plus she wouldn’t know what to say anyway. So trying to convince either of them isn’t worth the effort.

So that is about where we are. If you feel like responding to these replies please do and ask what a citizen has to do to be heard, what do you have to do to get them to represent you? They are getting lots of e-mails from citizens saying we don’t want the DDC in our Preserve, but they are still letting the DDCS charge on trying to jam it in OUR Preserve.

There are a lot of other things we are doing that I will tell you about when they are ready.

Thanks for your interest in protecting the Preserve and keeping it what the name implies.


Response to Korte:


I do appreciate you sharing what you sent out to everyone else. However I have researched the history of the DDC and continue to do so to find out why most people didn't know what was going on until Melinda really started pushing it, including many who were on the MSPC in those early years. Even now it is being withheld from the public. As result, I found that there are some mistakes in your history of the DDC. 

First it was NOT always envisioned to be in the Preserve rather it was supposed to be at Pinnacle Peak Park. In 1997, not any earlier, it was moved to the Gateway by tourism staff, without venting it to the public OR the MSPC (McDowell Sonoran Preserve Commission), and was on the consent agenda at the council hearing so everyone was in the dark but tourism staff. Also, when staff moved it to the Gateway from Pinnacle Peak Park, they said "it would have to be scaled down". Over time the exact opposite happened, it ballooned in size, scale, and cost. There is a lot more on the history, but this will do for now. My history has been researched so I have proof on all of it, I do not spread misinformation rather I deal in FACTS.

In 2000 the Preserve Ordinance was drafted and approved, and many of the uses desired for the DDC were specifically prohibited which negated some of the early studies, including the Desert Task Force report, that said there may be ramadas, a cafe, etc. at the Gateway. This report never mentioned the DDC because it wasn't moved yet. Those prohibitions in the Preserve Ordinance were intentional to keep it a preserve, I was part of the team that drafted it so I know. The access area report of 1999 talks about a visitor center NOT a DDC. Again some of what was mentioned in it was later prohibited by the Preserve Ordinance. 

I would think if you really want the DDC, and want it to succeed, you would be able to see it might actually be more viable OUTSIDE the Preserve as it can be as big and grandiose as it needs to be to attract tourists (the WOW factor) and can be managed anyway it needs to be in order to make it sustainable. It can't do any of that trying to be compatible with the Preserve. Most people who are reasonable have come to the same conclusion, without any input from me, because it makes sense. It also wouldn't face the stiff public opposition trying to force it into the Preserve will cause.

I am not against the DDC but dead set against putting it in the Preserve, and even worse at the Gateway trail head where it will provide the most disruption to other Preserve users. If you really want it to be successful you should open up your mind to see the possibilities that open up to make it successful when it is moved outside the Preserve. I would also hope you would respect the opinion of citizens who are dead set against putting it in the Preserve. While you and I may have worked a lot on the Preserve, it really belongs to the public, not any one of us.

Hope you consider this and open your mind to other options that will certainly be more acceptable to the public and allow the DDC to have a better chance of success. 

If you still can't accept the reasonable solution, then at least give the public a vote in what happens in THEIR Preserve, and also on the use of Preserve funds which I am sure is one of the reasons why you want it in the Preserve. It is their Preserve and their money, they deserve to vote on both.

Howard Myers

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Howard Myers on the DDC Some History & His Response to Councilwoman Korte
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Howard Myers on the DDC Some History & His Response to Councilwoman Korte
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