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Howard Myers - We All Need to Contact City Council Members, Now!

1)   A Citizen's Petition won’t be acted on fast enough to derail the current DDCS initiatives, (they are already delaying the first Petition) and 

2)   Even if it were, the language isn’t specific enough to get the Desert Discovery Center moved to a site outside the Preserve.

The council could vote to act on the Petition, but then NOT put it on the agenda until December or next year (after the elections)In addition, the DDCS is about ready to hire an architect, and once that's done it will be nearly impossible to reconsider.  The Council could also direct the DDCS to ONLY “consider” sites in addition to the Preserve, which still allows the DDCS to revert to recommending the Preserve location.  None of these outcomes is acceptable.

So rather than submitting a Citizen's Petition, what we're asking all of you to do is

 to e-mail the council members and request the following: 

  1. The DDC not be built in the Preserve, or use ANY Preserve funds, without a public vote
  2. That they direct DDCS to ONLY look at sites outside the Preserve----in other words get the Desert Discovery Center out of the Preserve completely. They need to do this BEFORE or at the meeting where they hire the architect, as once they go down the road of generating detailed plans there is no going back.

Using a site outside the Preserve provides ALL these advantages:

  1. Eliminates Preserve Issues. Eliminates ALL the problems of trying to put the DDC in the Preserve and altering the Preserve and/or the Preserve Ordinance as needed to make it compliant. 

[if !supportLists]2.      [endif]Design Options. Allows the DDC to be as big and grandiose as it has to be to attract tourists without damaging the main attraction, the Preserve.

  1. Management Options. Allows it to be run by anyone or any organization and managed in any way it needs to be to make it sustainable.  (If in the Preserve, it would be a public facility which can’t be rented out to an organization to run.)
  2. Better exposure. Could be located in the tourism corridor which would be close to West World that attracts over 1 million visitors/year.
  3. Failure Options. If it should fail, the buildings can be rented or sold to recoup some of the expenses.

The e-mail addresses for the council are below. All e-mails become part of the public record.

Mayor W.J. "Jim" Lane


Councilwoman Virginia Korte 


Councilwoman Suzanne Klapp 


Councilwoman Kathy Littlefield


Councilman Guy Phillips


Councilwoman Linda Milhaven


Councilman David Smith


 One e-mail for all: citycouncil@scottsdaleaz.gov

Also copy the project manager, Gary Meyer, GMeyer@scottsdaleaz.gov

This will have a far bigger impact and will require action much sooner than the petition, which could be delayed forever. Use as much or little of the above as you want but be sure to express your own opinion about keeping the DDC out of the Preserve.

Citizens have been very vocal that they don’t want this development in THEIR Preserve, but DDCS has ignored all those comments because they say the council directed them to look ONLY at the Gateway site. How can we get our input to be considered? Get the city council to listen to the people they are supposed to represent by putting all comments in writing.

I will use the petition as a show of support for moving the DDC out of the Preserve when I send my communication to the council so the effort won’t be wasted. FYI we have over 300 signatures in just a couple of days.

Thanks so much for caring about the Preserve and all you are doing to protect it.

Howard Myers

Home: Addr: 6631 E. Horned Owl Trail

Scottsdale, AZ 85266-8511

Phone: 480-473-0109 (home)

        480-262-3502 (Cell)

E-mail: howard.myers@cox.net

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Howard Myers - We All Need to Contact City Council Members, Now!
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