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I am a Rino, a McCainite and I vote Republican b/c I want my Country back.

If you want to win elections and have a chance at influencing the laws you have to live under, you have to vote either Republican or Democrat.  You can have your principles or philosophies, register Libertarian or Independent, but only R’s & D’s win elections – and the Power Elites know it.

 I have not seen the litmus test for a ‘pure’ Republican or Conservative and I suspect 

that they are not the same test.  The ‘powers that be’ in each of those groups want to take all the toys into their clubhouse and exclude all the heretical non-believers.   When the opposing side wins a Primary election the true believer ‘stays home’ in the General Election, thus proudly displaying his disdain for impurity.

 What is a regular, responsible, not political junkie person to do when he sees these choices:  Vote for socialism, government control, massive debt & taxation or vote for the misogynist  Establishment Republican or the Tea Party shut down the government, racist.  They vote for the ‘compassionate’ Candidate – the one who wants to help the poor, the downtrodden and women.

 The ‘anti-socialists’ are approaching the historically best opportunity to grasp America back from the maw of government servitude this November.  The “Republicans” and “Conservatives” are lining up to defeat this opportunity.

 The D’s all line up, single file, behind their Leader – they leave their individual agendas behind them and win elections.  Not the Republicans and Conservatives – they have their “Principles”.  They publicly fight each other for the opportunity to be voted “most Pure”, alienate the responsible, apolitical middle voter and lose elections.  Afterwards they fight over who caused the socialist victory.

 A century of this political strategy has gradually moved the fulcrum of American government farther to the left.  Enactment of Obamacaid was the tipping point.  It is clear that the majority of America wants a return to personal freedom, capitalism and fiscal responsibility and the Republicans & Conservatives are alienating them.

 My plea to the Republican Party, Establishment and Candidates is to adopt a simple Platform that meets the needs of the majority:

  1. Defeat and replace Obamacaid with the free market alternatives:
  2. Provide a safety net for those unable to care for themselves and compel a ladder for those who can, but are trying not to;
  3. Immediately authorize the Keystone Pipline;
  4. Replace, or simplify, the I.R.S. tax code to eliminate exemptions & lobbyists – flat tax first,  it is the easiest, then segue to fair tax;
  5. Repeal Dodd Frank and any other Government regulation that impedes small business;
  6. Balance the Budget

 That is just a starter – keep it simple and direct, go on the offense and ignore the red herring assaults from the socialists – amnesty, birth control and all the social issues are non-sequiturs under a dictatorship.  Make that point and I believe we can win a veto-proof Senate and neutralize Obama’s Alinsky techniques.

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