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To the Undecided Voters - Why We Want Donald Trump

(Rather long, but itemized list of Trump's policies against Clinton's record - and, Trump has the people around him who can make this happen)

Donald Trump will appoint Conservative Judges to the Supreme Court and other lower judicial courts and he has named potential appointees.

Donald Trump will rebuild our military to face the increasing threats to our safety from ISIS, ISIL, and Al-Qaeda. 

He will also support State and Local Police Forces to enforce our existing laws and protect our citizens from criminal and terrorist actions.  That will make Inner City Communities safer for everyone.

He will make sure our Veterans get the medical care they need in a timely manner and 

that they are treated with respect for their sacrifices for our country.  

Donald Trump will enforce our immigration laws and secure our borders by building a wall, adding more border patrol employees and using available technology to secure the country.   

He will temporarily suspend immigration of refugees from Middle East Countries until adequate vetting can be done regarding who they are and what their intentions are. 

He will increase job opportunities for all citizens by lowering taxes and by eliminating unnecessary restrictive regulations that hinder job creation.

He will renegotiate trade agreements which have been unfavorable to our citizens and caused the loss of many jobs for our workers.

He will repeal Obamacare and replace it with a more favorable alternative medical plan.

He will be a voice for the people and he is not beholden to lobbyists or special interest donors contrary to Hillary Clinton who relies on Banks and other high income individuals for her campaign.

If you are a Republican, Democrat or an Independent and WANT A “CHANGE” you must VOTE FOR TRUMP as he is the only one who can accomplish those results.   If necessary, hold your nose or bite your tongue and cast your vote for Trump because Hillary will only give you more of the same.



REMEMBER:   A “NO VOTE” is a vote for Hillary Clinton and a Vote for Hillary violates the pledge all Republican Primary Candidates made early in the Campaign   


Hillary Clinton is a habitual liar, who cannot be trusted.  She lacks the judgement to be President.

As President she would nominate liberal justices for the Supreme Court throwing the balance of the court to a group who would continue to make law rather than interpret the law to protect the Constitution, which is their job.

Hillary favors increasing taxes and regulation that will hinder the growth of new and higher paying jobs.

She was a failure in presiding over the State Department leaving the Middle East in chaos and she failed to provide adequate security for our Ambassador and staff in Benghazi.  She lied to the families of the deceased upon the return of their bodies.  Susan Rice lied to the public about the attacks on five TV News stations.  Pres. Obama lied to the United Nations about the attacks two weeks after the incident.

Hillary maintained a private unsecured email account which was extremely carelessly mismanaged in the transmission and receipt of classified information, as judged by the FBI.  That could have jeopardized the lives of our military and foreign agents

The Obama Administration, including Hillary Clinton, has allowed our military to be reduced to the lowest level since World War II and refuses to recognize or name the radical Islamic terrorists as threats to our country.  This, at a time when we have world-wide threats from ISIS, ISIL, and Al-Qaeda.

President Obama and his administration have failed to enforce our existing immigration laws and allowed millions of undocumented illegal immigrants to come into and remain in our country.  Our taxpayers have incurred significant costs for medical and education expenses as well as legal and incarceration expenses for these individuals.  In addition, there have been many crimes committed by some of these people.  Hillary Clinton believes in continuing the policy of open borders without regard for the consequences.  Legal immigrants will suffer disproportionately because the illegals will compete for their jobs and terrorist jihadists may also gain entry resulting in incredible destruction of property and loss of lives.

Several departments in the Obama Administration have routinely lied to Congress and the American People and/or refused to respond to Congress, including the President himself, “you can keep your medical insurance and your doctor and medical costs will be reduced as a result of “Obamacare”.  Lois Lerner of the Internal Revenue Service refused to answer questions before Congress and claimed the 5th AmendmentJohn KoshkinenCommissioner of the IRS repeatedly lied to congress and was considered for an impeachment process, Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson has failed to enforce immigration laws and allowed sanctuary cities to exist with federal funds.  Attorney General, Eric Holder was involved in “Fast and Furious” gun issues.  Attorney General Loretta Lynch abdicated her responsibility to evaluate the FBI report on Hillary Clinton to determine if prosecution was warranted, preferring to take the recommendation of the FBI, an apparent cop-out.  The Veterans Administration has been a disaster.   Hillary Clinton would continue this type of representation

The Obama Administration has increased the National Debt to $19 trillion, more than all previous administrations combined, and Hillary would continue that policy.  Who will pay for all of this?



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