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Insights on Candidates and the Advantages of being a Precinct Committeeman by Baron Benham

Fellow Scottsdale Tea Party Members,

 I am using my Signature File to share my personal recommendations for the Primaries. I probably send over 100 emails a week so why not use my normal emailing to help people with their voting!  I’ve gotten very positive feedback on this and I hope you will use the power of your Signature File to do the same. 

I attended a question and answer meeting between some of the Candidates for Governor last night.  Christine Jones, Frank Riggs, Ken Bennett and Al Melvin. I was 

disappointed in both Ken Bennett and Christine Jones. I fear they are going to be very much like Governor Brewer. Frank Riggs and Al Melvin were excellent. Al Melvin even proclaimed himself the Tea Party candidate and he sure said most of the right things. He only messed up when he said he would make Tesla automobiles establish a dealership in our state if they want to sell cars in Arizona. Ken Bennett essentially said the same thing (he waffles all over the place). The auto dealers are a well funded powerful group in this state and they own our legal system including at least a few judges. So Melvin and Bennett (both career politicians) appeared to realize this. Frank Riggs stood up for free enterprise and the rights of the people and he fully supports new more efficient ways of doing things. If Tesla wants to sell cars over the internet let them have at it. If people want to buy cars that way let them do so. It’s a new business model that may or may not make it but Tesla has the right to try it and the people have the right to give it a try. Also Frank Riggs came straight out and said he would eliminate Common Core and he said Ken Bennett has never answered the question. Ken Bennett was the next in line to speak and he completely ignored the question and accusation! It seems to me Ken Bennett supports Common Core! Christine Jones gave so many qualifiers that it is pretty clear that she’s not going to get rid of it. Al Melvin was for getting rid of it. Melvin is very clear in his views and stance as is Frank Riggs and both come across as non-apologetic fighters. Bennett and Jones answer questions like politicians which just infuriates me but I see through their smoke screen as will you.

Anyway, it was clear that Frank Riggs is my guy. Doug Ducey and whoever else is running for Governor did not show up. Doug Ducey wrapped himself in McCain when he began his run for the Governorship and that’s a deal breaker for me.

One of the great things about being a Precinct Committeeman (PC) is that I get on the inside of my Party and get to know and talk to other PC’s. Many of these PC’s have been around a long time and have worked on many campaigns. You also get to know who the conservative PC’s are and who are not. Christine Jones sounds pretty good and looks great on paper but I learned last night a number of very negative things about her from my fellow PC’s. Suffice to say I won’t be voting in the Primary’s for Christine Jones. Should she happen to win the Primary I will support her in the General Election because I have to.  What I have learned from my fellow PC’s about the Democrat who is running for Governor is very disturbing. I thanked my fellow PC’s for making me sick to my stomach after they told me about him and what the Liberal Progressives will be pushing on us. We simply must close ranks and support whichever Conservative who is closest to our values wins the Primary.

I also learned that the Democrats are and will support the Libertarian candidate and a third party candidate all in an attempt to pull votes away from the Conservative. We must not fall for this. In the past I have gotten angry with the Republican Party and voted Libertarian or for a third party candidate but that’s how we got President Clinton and Janet Napolitano. We simply must pass the word to vote Republican even if you have to hold your nose to do so! Hopefully Frank Riggs will win the Primary and you will be very happy to vote Republican. If you would like to help support Frank Riggs you can reach him at 480-437-1033 or atRiggs4azgov@gmail.com  His website is www.riggsforazgov.com  He is most anxious for any help you can give him.

 If you would like to become a PC please let me know. It’s a very important position that only has one requirement – that you vote annually regarding by-laws and for the substance of the party platform. I became a Maricopa County PC in 2008 right after Obama won election. At our first annual meeting in January of 2009 there were 1,800 of us from Maricopa County. This number was up 900 from the year before. Such was the power of Obama winning election! All 900 of us signed up to take the Republican Party back from McCain and the left wing group of our party and we did so. We managed to kick the McCain supporters to the curb and re-write the by-laws and platform. The following year I was elected to be a State PC. That year we had something like 2,000 PC’s from all over the state. It took three votes but we managed to win by one vote and to kick McCain and the left wing of the party to the curb. I like to tell people it was my vote that did it but all of us claim that honor. The point is that one person can make a difference and we need more conservative PC’s to join up to ensure we retain control of the Republican Party in the State of AZ. McCain and the liberal wing are fighting back but they cannot win if we have the numbers and the numbers are very close at the State level. As I said, being a PC only requires you vote annually at our annual meeting but there are many ways you can help out once you become a PC. How much time you devote and what you do is up to you. I personally haven’t done a lot but as I’ve come to know more and more people I have gradually been doing more and more. If we all just get involved and do a little we can make a huge difference.

 Don’t forget to check out my Signature File below and do the same with yours!

 Thanks all.  Sincerely Yours


 If you want to know the future - create it!

 Baron Benham

Chief Investment Advisor

Baron Capital Management




AZ LD23 GOP Precinct Committeeman

AZ LD23 GOP State Committeeman

Board Member - Tea Party Scottsdale

 Who I Support in the Republican State Primaries

 Governor: Frank Riggs

 Secretary of State Justin Pierce

State Treasurere: Jeff DeWitt

State Attorney General: Mark Bronivich

State Superintendent of Public Instruction: Diane Douglas

Maricopa County Attorney General: This seat is not up for election again until 2016

State Senate John Kavanagh

State House Michelle Ugenti and James Strasser

Mayor of Scottsdale: This seat is not up for election again until 2016

Scottsdale City Council Kathy Littlefield and Greg Weisman

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Insights on Candidates and the Advantages of being a Precinct Committeeman by Baron Benham
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Insights on Candidates and the Advantages of being a Precinct Committeeman by Baron Benham
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