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Jonathon Gruber was only Channeling Herbert Croly

herbert_croly.jpegJonathon_Gruber.jpegThis is not new - a tutorial on Progressivism - they have thought we are stupid for the last 100 years

This was brought to my attention by George Will, FNC,Special Report, 11/13/14.

In The Promise of American Life, Croly states: 'The Average American individual is morally and intellectually inadequate to a serious and consistent conception of his responsibilities."

Herbert David Croly (January 23, 1869 – May 17, 1930) was an intellectual leader of theprogressive movement as an editor, and political philosopher and a co-founder of the magazineThe New Republic in early twentieth-century America. His political philosophy influenced many leading progressives'....

Croly’s strong central government needed strong individuals to lead it. ... His search for a great American leader became an obsession that was never satisfied. Croly’s notion of the elite was challenged by civil libertarians who believed Croly’s powerful few would lead to a totalitarian state.[26]...

A main concern of Croly’s in Progressive Democracy was that the United States Constitutionwas fundamentally inconsistent with American democratic aspirations. He perceived the Constitution as a “living Constitution,” capable in his mind of becoming something other than the Founding Fathers intended.[36]

Croly’s alternative to interpreting the Constitution as “living” was to eliminate it and start over, or at least substantially alter it. The basis for his argument was the belief that for progressive democracy to be successful it needed to move quickly, and the Constitution did not accommodate that. Reforms were needed that could not wait for the approval of Congress or state legislatures.[37]

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Jonathon Gruber was only Channeling Herbert Croly and The New Republic
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