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Legislative Liaison Committee

volunteer_quote_1.jpgALL POLITICS ARE LOCAL!
We helped to get these Representatives elected - 2015 is the time to influence and monitor them to promote Conservative Values and Principles.  
We need Volunteers to be Liaisons with our local governments to create a connection, educate them about TPS, communicate our concerns to the Office and communicate their concerns to TPS.
Once you have chosen who you want to follow Contact me to get started!
This will let them know that we are watching and deciding whom we want to support in 2016.

Congressman David Schweikert, Sunny Forrest-Brown, Liaison
ScottsdaleSchool Board, Liaison  Meetings are posted on the internet
Paradise Valley School Board, Liaison   Meetings are available on DVD and hope to be 'online' soon
ScottsdaleCity Council, Meetings are posted on the internet Doug Reed, Liaison
Sen. John Kavanaugh,  Liaison
Rep. Michelle Ugenti, Liaison
Rep. Jay Lawrence, Bill Doyle, Liaison

Arizona Citizens Defense League - working for 2nd Amendment Rights, Baron Benham, Liaison

If none of these appeal to you - find something that does appeal to you on our TPS Committee Opportunities Page

Respect our Scottsdale Students  Join this Facebook Page to support Conservative Solutions to local school issues.

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Legislative Liaison Committee
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