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March 19 General Meeting

Dr_Carl_Goldberg.jpegDr. Carl Goldberg was our Special Guest Speaker on "The Ideology of Islam:  "WHAT NON-MOSLEMS NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ISLAM, AND WHY" 

He answered these questions for me:

     1.  Why are the "peaceful" Moslems not speaking and acting out against the violence & atrocities?

     2.  Why we are failing, and will always fail, in bringing democracy, or Nation Building, to the Islamic countries?

     3.   Why do we have to be at war against Islam?

     4.   Why must we do everything we must to prevent Iran, & any Islamic leader, from having any nuclear weaponry?

We all know about violent religious bigotry, hatred, virulent anti-Semitism, persecution of Christians, abuse of women, honor killings, mass murder and the most vicious, sadistic cruelty -- all coming out of the world of Islam and perpetrated by religious Moslems in the name of Islam.  The doctrines of Islam tell us why this is happening.

Dr. Goldberg quoted directly from the Koran/Qua'ran, writings of Mohammed & Islamic Religious Authorities.

First, Islam is an Ideology, not a religion.  Moslems come in all degrees of adherence to Islamic Doctrines from violent to only casually, or non, practicing Moslems - but they all believe in the dictates of the Koran.  There is both violent Jihad, that we see on the news, and stealth Jihad, The Moslem Brotherhood, CAIR, etc.  Their goal is the same - to eradicate or to convert all non-Moslems and to establish the Caliphate or Ummah worldwide.  That means us.

The full video of Dr Goldberg's presentation will be posted here soon.



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