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Mayor Lane on the 2nd Amendment

June 16th 2016

Dear Concerned Scottsdale Tea Party Member:

Last year we collected hundreds of signatures to ask Jim Lane, the mayor of Scottsdale, to end his ban of firearms in city buildings. This is a ban, which was apparently created by executive fiat, not through an ordinance. 

After gathering those signatures, we met with Jim Lane and requested that he change the policy. He refused and noted that both the Tea Partyers and Republicans of Scottsdale did not speak for the city as a whole and that the ban would stay in place. When we followed up noting that this policy does not conform to state pre-emption law, he never even responded.  (emphasis added)

On Election Day, remember that Jim Lane does not support your right to carry a weapon for self-defense. Jim Lane does not care about the law unless he makes it. 


Grant G. Winthrop & Peter N. Steinmetz

PS: he also supported raising Scottsdale taxes.

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Mayor Lane on the 2nd Amendment
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