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Mayor Lane's Position on the DDC - For? Against?

Jim_Lane.jpgThis is an exchange of e-mails between Doug Reed, TPS Scottsdale City Council Liaison, and Mayor Jim Lane to explain why he told TPS he was 'against' the DDC but voted 'for' the initial phase contract.


Their understanding of my position is correct to this degree. I spoke to my opposition to the DDC; if located anywhere other than on the preserve, it use of the taxpayers’ general funds without their direct ballot approval and it’s promoting organization DDCS, LLC’s commitment to operational funding and separate and independent funding of a portion of the fixed capital costs over and above monies from other sources.

At the last meeting on the subject, the contract that was being considered at the time for DDCS, LLC that outlined 

their responsibility to the city to determine the acceptable scope of the DDC, the size and funding sources and availability of it, the management of constituent outreach & the design considerations in view of the development of a proposed DDC was amended to respond to those conditions of my vote..

My conditioned amendments required a commitment of the DDCS to provide operation funding so that the City taxpayers' general fund would not be exposed to operational deficits, and their commitment to providing 10% of the capital funding for the project. also in the event of a shortfall in the project's capital funding and that any direct taxpayer funds were required a vote from the public would be required through a General Bond ballot vote.

That is why I voted for it, subject to those amendments and why I believe Councilman Phillips did to.

Regards, Jim 

From: Doug Reed [mailto:doug.reed@hotmail.com

Sent: Thursday, February 11, 2016 7:32 AM

To: Lane, Jim

Subject: Desert Discovery Center

Good morning, Mayor Lane.

You recently voted to approve funding for the initial phase of the Desert Discovery Center. When you visited our December Tea Party meeting, several of our members understood you to say that you opposed the DDC. Would you please expand on this so that I can pass the information on to our members?

Thank you.

Doug Reed on behalf of

Tea Party Scottsdale

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Mayor Lane's Position on the DDC - For? Against?
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