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The DDC - Pat Shaler's Response to Councilwoman Korte

Thank you for your response and your long time commitment to the Preserve.  I remember when Carla started the movement and it has been one of the best moves Scottsdale has ever made.

I do not recall any of those Bond Proposals including a DDC on the Preserve Land, particularly an outdoor amphitheater with lights, restaurant, gift shop, etc.  This came up at the public forum I attended - then, she went on to say how eco-friendly and respectful of the desert environment, etc all this will be.  What about the escavation for plumbing, sewage, electricity? bulldozers over the Bajada?  Sure you can replant - but what micro indigenous life will be destroyed?

We are not to walk off of the trail due to the damage we could cause - how about construction equipment?

The classroom, amphitheater & museum currently at the Gateway TH has been sufficient tand SCC classrooms are available for larger classes.

The DDCS claims that 

they are not done yet, we don’t know what it will be - unfortunately, if we wait until ’17 to find out what it is and it is as extensive as we have been lead to believe, it will be after the Scottsdale City Council Elections and difficult, if not impossible, to stop.   Pardon my cynicism, but from what I have seen & heard so far, that seems to be the plan.

It is unfortunate that those of you who have been planning this DDC for all these years, did not share your vision with the rest of us, including the extent of the facilities & location.  You should have been more specific when requesting the Bond to purchase the Bajada at Gateway that we were purchasing it only to tear it up (eco-responsibly, of course) - and not just “amenities”.  So many of us think of amenities as restrooms & trash cans.  In the commercial world, this is referred to as ‘bait ’n switch’. 

Mayor Lane attended our Tea Party Scottsdale meeting last Thursday and assured us that he & Council Members Littlefield, Phillips and Smith will all approve placing both the location, and use of Preserve Funds, before the citizens for a vote, as was requested in our Petition you agendized last meeting.  The Mayor stated that the vote would be in the form of a charter amendment or ballot initiative.  (Mayor Lane, if I have misquoted you, please let us know, I am doing this from memory)

Unfortunately, he was unable to commit to placing this on the August or November ballot, which would require the time and expense of a special election, again, after we have voted for Mayor and City Council in November.

However, the Mayor also stated that he may support the location at Gateway, depending on what was proposed.  In light of this, I am not sure why the Council required the DDCS to only consider the Gateway location.  

I respect the many years of effort many of you have placed in establishing the Preserve; however, neither that, nor the fact that some of you have been planning on a DDC at Gateway for a long time, justifies going forward against the wishes of the voters, now that we see what you want.   We approved the Bonds for a Preserve - not for Disneyland on the Desert..

As I stated to the Mayor - I find it highly suspicious the way all of you are trying to force this on us with the bromides:  “we don’t know what it will be yet”, "we’ve planned it for a long time” thanking all of us for our input, yada yada.

What is the truth about why you are forcing this on Gateway?  Money?  Whose?  The way you are going about this makes many of us very suspicious of both your motives and goals.


Pat Shaler  480.946.8069

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Pat Shaler's Response to Councilwoman Korte
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