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Professional Racism in America, by George Squyres

The biggest problem I have with all this alleged racism in America, with the condemnation of America that is regularly trucked out in such places as the UN, with the glib references to it by network media more concerned with political correctness than reporting fact, with the running scared defensive posture of anyone in this country who is accused of being racist, is that other than in the media and in political circles and elsewhere someone is making money off of it, I don't see it in the America I live in.

I am a mechanic and have been one all my life.  I have worked in many shops and owned a few myself, have worked next to or employed many who were talented and experienced at making an automobile run as it should or better.  Many of those, aside from being good mechanics and metal workers, were also members of various groups which today's Progressives consider  as discriminated against and oppressed.  Yet when the drum of racism is beaten, one of the more striking memories I have 

looking back is working in an Alfa Romeo dealership in my twenties, and the guy in the stall next to mine was black, at a time when there were riots going on because of skin color.  

In that service department the tasks a mechanic did occasionally involved someone holding the other end of something or helping lift or drop something heavy, such as a transmission that had to be lowered to the floor from a car on a lift.  At such times we would holler out, "Transmission!".  Whoever was free at the moment would lend a hand, knowing he could expect the same when he needed it.  He and I usually ended up as the closest help to each other and quickly learned that each was a good mechanic, and that each of us was there to make money, and that we worked well together.  Somewhere along the way we recognized we were of different races, had a laugh about some of the places life was different for us, and enjoyed some of the different foods we had grown up with.  Aside from the crap going on in the world around us, racism was not part of our days; being greedy capitalist pigs, we just didn't have time for that crap.

One of the things that triggered this memory was a story in the media some time back about a very good home soda dispenser that was being manufactured in southern Israel.  The story had come to attention because the factory was pumping them out as fast as it could, and the entire workforce was both Israeli and Palestinian, working side by side without any conflict.  There was no conflict mostly because they were all busy making money and they didn't have time for that crap.

Most of those around me share the same experience.  We have lives to lead and are too busy trying to cover all the bases to take time out to be aware of someone's skin color or ethnicity, much less to get an attitude about it.  Besides, while that went on generations ago in America, as it did all over the world, and while ethnic prejudices still exist everywhere on Planet Earth,  moments as simple as enjoying the different foods that we all create make it something we have learned to enjoy rather than have conflict over.  That is the America that I know, with the exception of the political class, the media and the demagogues that work to manipulate both.  I suspect the workers in the soda dispenser factory would have a similar story, and that they are happy to replace old conflicts with a good paycheck, that it is the politicians who desperately need the conflict to continue.

The tragedies in Ferguson and New York have catapulted race back into the media, but not simply because of the individuals involved, white cops and black citizens.  While there is no lack of genuinely disturbing events erupting, the most disturbing is the outright cultivation and inciting of racism, division and hatred by racial demagogues such as Al Sharpton looking for TV time and donations, by media propagandists from MSNBC through Fox, all salivating over the months of air time they can fill, and by a permanent political class using it to justify budget increases and bonuses, while creating entire new bureaucracies full of supporters who will work the right campaigns at election time.  None give a rat's patootie about ending racism, only exploiting it.

These are not the only incidents involving white cops and black citizens.  There are also incidents with black cops and white citizens, black on black and white on white. Why have these two suddenly filled the news when none of the other incidents that abound have even caused a whisper?  Simply put, these are the only ones which the professional racists have sunk their teeth into.  These are the only crises that the professional racists were able to keep from being wasted.  These are the only ones in which race hustlers, media and politicians have been able to mobilize a rapid enough response to cultivate, incite and inflame the racism that the vast majority of the American people would happily let die.  There is no question that there are small pockets of racism in America, as there are in every country on the planet.  But the racism that America is accused of does not come from the American people, but from the professional racists who survive, thrive and prosper from accusing others of that which they themselves do.  Saul Alinsky would be proud.  

They keep America divided for personal gain.  They keep old hatreds alive, keep old wounds open, keep old divisions from healing, so that as the warriors fighting for justice they have position and power.  They strive to keep a country divided into warring factions, so that they can be the respected leaders of "the good guys".  They also keep a piece of every working man's paycheck so that they can "keep doing the important work".  Yet they work hardest at keeping racism alive and well, at keeping everyone convinced that America is racist, because if they didn't they would be out of a cushy job.  They're not focusing their efforts on ending racism, as their greatest good lies instead with creating and promoting the very racism and hatred they can then claim the leadership role in ending.   And business is good recently.

The only time racism ever rears its ugly head amongst the American people is when it is shoved down everyone's throats by street hustlers playing the race card, by a media happy to carry their water for ratings, and by a political class feeding off of past racism that it can rekindle, inflame, spread and use to advantage. We are then told we are racists and should hate ourselves because of the color of our skin, and that there is nothing we can do to make amends for our inherently despicable nature.  Two things then happen to the people of America, both done to them not by them.  The first is that the guy in the stall next to mine and I become a little uncomfortable when our eyes meet, because we are being forced to make time for that crap.  The other, far worse result, the one that we managed to avoid, is to see genuine hatred bred between friends who focus their resentment on each other, rather than on the professional racists creating it, benefiting and profiting from it.  

That is the real racism that I see in America: that which is perpetrated and perpetuated by professional racists, by media thriving and profiting from keeping racist fires stoked, and by politicians and others who feed off of political power wielded and money collected in the name of ending racism.  In fact, they work to incite and cultivate the very racism they protest, giving a tragedy such as Ferguson only one identity, because without it they would have no job, no noble fight to wage, money to collect nor power to wield.  The working American is entirely content to not find conflict with someone because of race or color, because he ain't got time for that crap.  He is entirely content to enjoy a beer at the end of the day with the guys he works with, whatever color any of them happen to be, because at that point, none of them have time for that crap either.  

Everyday working Americans aren't political racketeers who consider Ferguson a crisis that shouldn't go to waste, they aren't demagogues making a living off of inflaming old conflicts rather than helping them die, nor are they complicitous media looking for the latest dog-and-pony show to fill those annoying empty time slots between the advertisements on their "info-tainment" shows.  The true racists in America are not the American people themselves; the true racists are the politicians and their sycophants who see nothing but skin color whatever the context, issue or opportunity. 

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Professional Racism in America, by George Squyres
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