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Protect Our Preserve! Misleading Information Out There....

I (POP) noticed that the Cox server marked the first one as spam so I am trying again without the links in it.

There appear to be one or more new groups formed to push the DDC and convince you residents that the DDC is the greatest thing to ever happen, including the Preserve. One calls itself Support Our Scottsdale Desert Discovery Center. Apparently the same one is also calling itself “Support the Scottsdale Desert Discovery Center”, but they have the same e-mail address so obviously the same group. We are trying to find out how they got their e-mail distribution list so you may or may not receive information from them. I will say that their web site contains misleading information, including 

that “The DDC will be paid for by hotel bed taxes and private contributions”. The amount of funds required, and the source have NOT been discussed or determined in public hearings, however in Tourism Development Commission meetings (which are public) Preserve funds were a prime focus as a source.

In case you did receive their e-mails, the last one claims that asking for a public vote, which we did by submitting a petition to the city council to discuss and implement a public vote requirement on ANY development in the Preserve other than trails and trail heads, back in May of this year, is premature because the DDC is still being studied and defined. However there is NOTHING premature about it AT ALL because the petition addresses ANY development in the Preserve, not specifically the DDC and is intended to protect the Preserve not just from the DDC but from any other big ideas members of the city council may have to commercialize our Preserve. This petition is what will be discussed at the September 19th City Council study session. We hope you see though this illogical argument and support giving the public a vote on ANY development in the Preserve and also for the use of any Preserve funds for such development. It is only right that we have the final say in what goes into our Preserve to ensure that it is not transformed from a Preserve into a park that contains any commercial venue the council may think they want in it.

We formed it, we paid for it, we were sold on it being a preserve. It is ours so we should have a vote on anything done to it beyond preservation, which was always THE major goal.



Our mailing address is:


PO Box 3422

Carefree, AZ 85377


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Protect Our Preserve! Misleading Information Out There....
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