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Report on City Council Meeting, October 15, 2015 by Doug Reed


Mayor & Council elected for 4 year terms and serve for a maximum of 3 terms.
Mayor Lane and Councilwoman Klapp have served for 2 terms
and are up for reelection.
Councilmembers Korte and Phillips have served for one term and are up for reelection.
Klapp and Phillips have announced that they are running.
Also running is Dan Schweiker, cofounder of China Mist Tea Company.
If Lane and Korte announce, there will not be any open seats.

There are 6 separate items on the ballot-Fire, Police, Technology, Street Maintenance, Street Construction, and Parks and Recreation. We have all seen the signs-vote no or vote yes on the bond. We should all remember that we can pick and choose-vote yes on some items and no on others. It is not  

necessarily an all or nothing vote. So, be sure to vote, but be an informed voter. ScottsdaleAZ.gov is one source. And TeaPartyScottsdale.com has excellent information. In particular, Baron Benham (TPS) has some excellent observations.

This is an item which is starting to percolate above the radar.
The DDC is a projected $80 million tourist destination and educational center. The likely location is just inside the Mountain Preserve at the Gateway Trailhead (near Thompson Peak and Bell-100
th St)
The City Council recently put out a request for qualifications asking for the qualifications of potential bidders on the project.
They received one response from a company called Desert Discovery Center Scottsdale, Inc. and determined that this company is qualified. A city review panel has recommended going forward. No money has been committed yet. 
The question that the Council addressed at a recent meeting
was where to go from that point.
The motion presented was “Shall we direct staff to move forward with contract negotiations with DDS, Inc for the first phase of services for the DDC, and should we direct the City Treasurer to review possible funding sources for the first phase of services.”
The motion passed 5-2. 
Phillips-Need multiple bidders, only have one. Wants DDC, INC to prepare a plan and present it to City Council.
Littlefield-How will construction be funded, and how will the operating costs be paid. Wants firm decision on location and legality of using Preserve land. Need firm answers to these and must do public outreach before proceeding. 
Milhaven-Wants project in Mountain Preserve. Need to flush it out before moving forward. Currently don’t have enough info to do outreach. Very much in favor of project.

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Report on City Council Meeting, October 15, 2015 by Doug Reed
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