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Scottsdale City Council Doug's Notes April 2015

April 21 Meeting Notes

Mayor-Jim Lane (incumbent), Bob Littlefield and Bill Crawford (challangers) with a primary likely
City Council-Suzanne Klapp, Virginia Korte and Guy Phillips (incumbents) and Dan Schweiker (challenger)-primary unlikely
Nominating petitions on table outside-candidate needs 1000 valid signatures before June 1
st. Can sign 1 for mayor and 3 for City Council

Mayor Jim Lane on the LGBT ordinance-“I believe an ordinance is not only not necessary but it’s even counterproductive to the interest and desire of one community. It separates us. It divides us. And it creates an environment of self-imposed segregation.”

Also, Mayor Lane has proposed a “hybrid” district plan for the City Council. It would create three districts-South, Central and North which would be drawn by a citizens committee and approved by the Council, then to a citywide vote. Under the plan, each district would elect one councilmember with three at large members and one mayor. At Tuesday’s Council meeting, the decision was 5-2 against, with Lane and Klapp in favor.

LIGHT RAIL & TRANSPORTATION MASTER PLAN                                    TMP, as proposed by the Scottsdale Transportation Commission, included rail connections to the existing valley light rail line. The City Council has directed the Transportation Commission to remove rail routes and any mention of light rail from the plan. A formal vote will come later in the year.
Those speaking against light rail:
Mayor Jim Lane (way too expensive)
Kathy Littlefield
Dave Smith
Guy Phillips (Transit oriented development encourages high density      
                       development  so that future residents will demand light  
Those speaking in favor of keeping the potential for light rail in the plan:
Virginia Korte
Linda Milhaven
Sort of in the middle:
Suzanne Klapp (Include language in the master plan that supports NON-LIGHT RAIL high capacity transit and regional connectivity, and remove maps showing potential routes and delete the term “light rail”.)
NOTE: Potential candidate Dan Schweiker: “We should at least allow all options to be considered.” “I believe that limiting our options right at the start is shortsighted planning.”

CITY MANAGER-We are currently operating with a temporary manager who is not interested in permanently taking over the position. City Council is actively searching for a replacement.

BOND COMMITTEE-We had our first meeting last week. Planning is underway. The criteria for street repaving  is to do the streets in the worst condition which handle the heaviest traffic load first. Scheduled  for year one:
Shea from 64
th to 96th
Mountain View and 92
nd St from Shea to Scottsdale Rd
Goldwater and Highland from Camelback to Scottsdale Rd
Dynamite from 56
th St to Scottsdale Rd
This will complete 51 lane miles at a cost of $4.3 million.
The City does not use rubberized asphalt because it wears out too fast.
Americans with Disability ramps are required by our friends in Washington whenever a street is repaved, so a sizeable chunk of money is allocated for this (206 ADA ramps in this portion alone).

The Council has shifted about $7.5 million from the General Fund to the Capital Improvement Fund. They have taken $2.5 million in food tax collections which would normally go to the General Fund and $5 mil from the Unreserved Fund (translate slush fund) and applied this to construction projects, primarily in the downtown area.

Two new stations at Hayden & Jomax and at 110
th St & Cave Creek are scheduled for construction starting summer 2017 with completion summer of 2018. The remodel of the station at 74th & Shea is scheduled to start January, 2017 with completion May, 2017. There is not yet a time frame for the relocation of  the 74th St & McDonald Drive station. Future location will be somewhere within ¾ of a mile of Indian Bend and Hayden.
The city will use a standardized floor plan which can be expanded or contracted to accommodate each areas needs in order to save design costs.

DESERT DISCOVERY CENTER-there are outreach meetings scheduled with the intent of educating citizens and obtaining feedback. My impression is that the organizers feel that DDC is a done deal and the public just needs to be sold on the idea.

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Scottsdale City Council Doug's Notes April 2015
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