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Scottsdale City Council Meeting January 11

Doug Reed, Treasurer of TPS commented on the DDC:

First, I would like to say that I am not opposed to the Desert Discovery Center. I am, however, opposed to the location on Preserve land, and I am adamantly opposed to Scottsdale taxpayer funding for either construction or continuing operation, either from General Funds or from Preserve Funds.

And I am concerned about the credibility of the Scottsdale City Council. Six months ago, the Council loudly proclaimed that there were a number of critical projects (and you had agonized over whittling this number down) which were essential to preserving the livability and character of Scottsdale, and that these projects could only be funded by passing a bond issue because the City did not have enough money to pay for them. The Desert Discovery Center was not on this list. Citizens approved some of these projects, leaving several unfunded. Today, you are preparing to vote on on spending almost $2 million on the DDC. Granted, the money is to come from the Bed Tax, not the General fund. I get that. But tax dollars are tax dollars. And Bed Tax dollars today could very well lead to General Fund dollars tomorrow and on into the indefinite future as evidenced by the “sources of funds” slide shown earlier in this meeting.

Based on your recent priorities, would it not be more consistent to finish the unfunded “critical” bond projects before embarking on a new $70-80 million project?

Ladies and gentlemen, I believe that your credibility is at stake here. And I hope you do not disappoint us.

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Scottsdale City Council Meeting January 11
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