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Scottsdale School District Misusing Taxpayer Money

school_board_3.jpgThe Performance Audit of the Scottsdale School District, May 2015, Report no 15-206 reveals an appalling misuse & waste of taxpayer money. 

1. Administration costs: too many administrators paid too much & "the District did not accurately report its costs in its Annual Financial Reports and has misreported its costs for many years" p.3  We paid $1.6 million more than similiar districts.

Scottsdale employs Assistant Principals at the elementary level and more Information Technology employees (who are also paid $7500/yr more) than

 similiar districts. pp. 3-4.

2. Excessive building space & plant costs are 8% higher than similiar districts - too much empty space maintained and not used.

3. Transportation costs $1.6 million higher than similiar districts due to inefficient bus routes & underutilization of busses.

This audit was conducted pursuant to A.R.S. 41-1279.03 A.9.

Superintendent of Scottsdale Schools: Dr. David J. Peterson, Ed.D., J.D.  480-484-6100

School Board:

Mrs. Bonnie Sneed
e-mail: bsneed@susd.org

Mr. George Jackson

Ms. Kim Hartmann

Barbara Perleberg

Pam Kirby 
e-mail: pkirby@susd.org

Here is the article in the Scottsdale Independent which includes responses by Dr Peterson, President Sneed & Board Member Kirby. 

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