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Senseless killing and violence... Why are we surprised?

With Samuel L Jackson urging others to repeat his racist chant, with professional B-ball players sporting "I can't breath" on their shirts, with professional football players entering stadiums with their hands up (don't shoot), with Al Sharpton and Eric Holder ramping up the anti-cop movement, with mega-mall "die-ins" being staged, with repeatedly inciting racially-based riots that end in fIres and luting, with shouts of NYC demonstrators calling, "What do we want? Dead cops!" being ignored, and finally, with POTUS and FLOTUS Obama fanning the flames of racism, why are we surprised?  

Did everyone think that no one, not even one crazy person, would take up all of these cries and act on them?  Shame on ALL of those who are urging so-called minorities to take up their weapons and fight the police, and, let's say it, kill whites.  Racism should not be tolerated in any form.  This is where it leads...

Lynn D Silan  12/21/2014

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Senseless killing and violence... Why are we surprised?
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