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September 19 SCC Study Session on Voting the DDC!

DDC_airial_view.jpgFrom Howard Myers - 

On September 19th, the city council will have a study session to decide what to do with the petition we submitted back in May that asks the council to require a public vote to put anything in the Preserve other than trails and trail heads, and to require a public vote to use ANY Preserve funds for anything other than land acquisition and building trails and trail heads.

Since this is a study session, the city council will not make any decision, rather they will direct staff on what to do with the petition. They will probably direct staff to do one of the following.

1.  Do nothing – let it die.

2. Come back with suggestions on how it could be implemented. – there are many possibilities here.

3. Come back with specific language for a change to the City Charter that would require a public vote to build anything in the Preserve or to use Preserve funds for anything other than land acquisition or building trails or minimal facilities for trail heads.

This last option is what we want them to do because once this requirement is in the City Charter, it can’t be changed without a public vote as all changes to the City Charter require a public vote so 4 members of the council can’t change it later on their own. The downside is 

that to get it in the City Charter requires public approval by vote, which probably wouldn’t happen until November of 2017. However once ratified by the voters it would protect the Preserve from any future attempts to build anything that doesn’t belong in the Preserve, like the DDC.

Because the timing might allow the council to approve the DDC before the City Charter can be changed, we also want to ask the council to not allow a vote to approve the DDC to be built until after the public vote on the Charter amendment is voted on, and implemented if the voters approve of the amendment. Such a resolution would also need the provision that it could not be rescinded by the city council without a super majority vote (at least 5 members of the city council in favor of rescinding it) to prevent them from approving something now and then just reversing it after the election.

So what we need you to do is to e-mail the city council and ask them to give us a vote on what happens in our Preserve and with the money we put in the Preserve fund. Their e-mail addresses are at the end of this message. If you want, you could also add the specific actions below to accomplish this, which is what we will be asking for.

[if !supportLists]1.      [endif]Direct staff to develop specific language for a City Charter amendment that would require a public vote on anything built in the Preserve other than trails and very minimal facilities required as a trail head, and also require a public vote to use Preserve funds for anything other than land acquisition and building trails and trail heads.

[if !supportLists]2.      [endif]Pass a resolution, or something similar, that would not allow a council vote to approve building the DDC in the Preserve until the Charter Amendment above is voted on, and implemented if approved by the voters. Further this resolution should be worded such that it can’t be repealed by a simple council majority (4 votes) but rather would require a super majority vote to repeal it (at least 5 of the 7 members).

This is the only way a public vote can be done such that it protects the Preserve now and in the future and also such that the city council can’t bypass this requirement now or in the future.

Since this has become an election issue, as a minimum the resolution to not approve the DDC until the public gets to vote on the city charter must be decided and approved BEFORE the November election, and preferably before early ballots are sent out in October. So we should ask for this as well.

The city council needs to hear from residents that this is a critical change we need in the City Charter and it is also critical that the charter change be voted on and implemented before any council vote to approve the DDC.

Also, if you can, please attend the city council meeting on September 19th, at the Kiva starting at 5 PM to show support for getting a public vote. If you do come, there should be someone outside handing out stickers. If you can make up a sign to hold up that says Our Preserve Our decision, or anything similar that would have an even bigger impact.

The basic message is it is OUR Preserve, we deserve a vote on what happens in it.

Thanks for your support in keeping our Preserve a preserve and not commercializing it and transforming it into a park.


City Council e-mail addresses.

Mayor W.J. "Jim" Lane


Councilwoman Virginia Korte 


Councilwoman Suzanne Klapp 


Councilwoman Kathy Littlefield


Councilman Guy Phillips


Councilwoman Linda Milhaven


Councilman David Smith


One e-mail for all: citycouncil@scottsdaleaz.gov

Howard Myers


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Scottsdale, AZ 85266-8511

Phone:480-473-0109 (home)

        480-262-3502 (Cell)


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September 19 SCC Study Session on Voting the DDC!
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