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The Night Before Inauguration Day

Submitted by a faithful “Our Town” reader

Twas January 19th,

and all through the house,

The Congress was nervous,

And scared as a mouse.


If it had been Romney,

They wouldn’t quite care.

But Trump won the election,

By more than a hair.


And the millennials were going,

Out of their heads.


 the blue states,

Had not outnumbered the reds.


And, Hillary was crying,

As she rose from her nap.

“The electoral college,

Is nothing but crap!”


While the results of elections,

Often don’t matter,

The voters rejected

The usual pratter.


First they rejected Republicans,

That they thought were trash.

Who sold their souls,

For quick campaign cash.


The party main liners,

Were hit by the blow,

As the voters did nominate,

The man, that you know.


The Democrats gave Sanders

A big kick in the rear.

With primaries not as Kosher,

As they might appear.


Hillary beat Bernie,

And dropped him like a brick.

The party had her back,

Even when she was sick.


Trump wasn’t afraid,

Of her ill-gotten fame.

He went on to taunt her,

And point out her shame.


“She’s crooked, she’s lying,

She’s worse than Dick Nixon,

She’s sick and she’s homely,

She’s sure not a vixen.”


“And, if you elect her,

The Country will fall.

But I’ll make America great again,

And build that wall.”


“Everyone will have jobs,

American goods they will buy.

Our military will be best,

And ISIS will die.”


His speeches were crude,

But the people, they knew.

He spoke from the heart,

And his support really grew.


The media dismissed him,

As a big goof.

“Hillary will win it,

We’ll manufacture the proof.”


But the people, they spoke,

And they held their ground.

They voted in Trump,

While the media frowned.


The millenials screamed,

We had no input!

If you don’t vote our way,

The results are kaput.


The Democrats were furious,

Adding to the flack.

“You took away our White House,

And we want it back.”


“We’ll riot and burn things,

We’ll treat you unfairly.

We’ll claim fraud, demand


And make things quite hairy.”


As Trump picked his cabinet

He let them all know,

That he was quite serious

About how things will go.


Preibus and Mad Dog

Picked for Staff and Defense

With more choices coming

With advice from Mike Pence.


Then came Sessions,

Pompeo and Haley,

DeVos and Pruitt,

And General Kelly.


The Democrats screamed

and let out a yelp

“Trump couldn’t have won

Without Putin’s help.”


“The next four years

We’re going to dread,

We need this now like

A hole in the head.”


Trump would be president

And he went right to work.

He acted presidential

And not so much like a jerk.


And as for the economy

The Dow Jones, it rose.

Good jobs would be ours

And not Mexico’s.


Things won’t be perfect

Nor clean as a whistle,

And occasionally Trump

Will say things that bristle.


But we’ll be better off now

The future, sublime.

Happy New Year America …

It’s about friggin time !!!!

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The Night Before Inauguration Day
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