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Notes from TPS President, Dan Farley, on Thursday's Meeting

18623377_982337055202738_7865894908369759276_o.jpgI want to share my thoughts on the Tea Party Scottsdale meeting from yesterday while it's still fresh in my mind. We moved to a new venue so I was uncertain how smoothly it'd go, how many people would find us/attend, and what the acoustics would be like in the room. Overall I was quite happy. Attendance was strong, we filled the room. Contributions were slightly higher than the average and the new venue has considerably lowered our operating costs which should provide us funds as the year progresses to do more of the conservative/Tea Party outreach I want to do in an economically sustainable way. As expected, this was a good meeting to learn from and we'll likely position our speakers more centrally in the room so it's easier for all in attendance to hear more clearly next time around.

We had 3 speakers which covered the following topics, our local schools, liberty outreach to nations all over the world, and how our local police department is meeting the needs of our citizens.

Cherie L. Harbaugh informed us on 

what is going on in Scottsdale Unified School District and Charter schools. Pam Joffrion Kirby had relayed that our schools will continue to have the Constitution and Bill of Rights as part of SUSD's curriculum. (Personally, I hope it never gets to the point when they're not part of the curriculum.) Jay Lawrence, our House Representative for the state of Arizona was in attendance and shared valuable information on the funding of our schools, how the school boards make determinations of their own on how to use those funds, and that our national ranking for education where English is the primary language is in the top 17 of states. As expected in a free market education system, we have some of the highest ranking charter schools like Basis as well as underperforming schools. I think going forward, based upon attendance feedback, we should do bullet point highlights on what's happening with our schools, refer people to our Tea Party Scottsdale website for more details, and a simple action plan for those of us that want to participate in focusing on raising our underperforming schools up while ensuring all schools are teaching fiscal responsibility and the Constitution (since that's what the Tea Party stands for.)


We had the Executive of the Language of Liberty Institute speak to us. I was very impressed with the success he has had reaching so many countries since it's inception in 2005. He had student testimonials there to meet with us. One had become an instructor himself and shared how people that attended these liberty camps had become involved in their counties' politics and other community leadership roles. I liked how when the term liberty might threaten a country, the term entrepreneurial camp was used. While our attendees asked what was being done to share our Judeo-Christian values since our rights come from God ("We are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights..." Declaration of Independence "...We unanimously agree in the Year of Our Lord.." U.S. Constitution) and freedom can only be sustained with the Judeo Christian teachings of personal responsibility and individual charity. While I found the answer given very much lacking, and I do have concerns about helping certain ideologies strengthen economically that may oppose us such as national socialism of China, Communism of Russia, and the Quran which pushes deceit through taqiyya and physical dominance of nonMuslims through jihad to spread Sharia Law which does not allow for freedom of speech (nothing can be said against Allah), does not allow for freedom of expression, does not allow for freedom of religion (Islam and only Islam is allowed and you can't leave once you're in), does not allow for women's rights and is intolerant of the gay community. The executive didn't seem to fully understand my concerns or how Jesus' parables along with the freedom to accept Him as Lord or not, is the key to our freedom. Regardless, this is a group I think doing very worthwhile work and since there isn't a religious bend to it may be able to make inroads into Islamic culture to change it away from Sharia Law, jihad, and taqiyya, hopefully towards tolerance so Christian ministries can help fill in the rest to those communities.


Lastly, Scottsdale Police Chief Rodbell's presentation was of interest to me, regarding traffic in particular. It is as I expected. You have taller and taller buildings being approved in Phoenix next to Scottsdale, Scottsdale City Council following suit and the Indian Reservation with plans to not only complete all of the entertainment venues along the 101 but also build competing hotels so Scottsdale could potentially feel more pricing pressure which will also take away from the City of Scottsdale's tax revenues. There isn't revenue sharing agreements set up between Phoenix, Scottsdale or the Indian Reservation yet. The 3 are not working together to address what all of this means to our roadways which means gridlock on the roads will only get worse without cohesive planning for it. As to people on the street with signs, the chief broke them into 3 types, people that do it as a profession and make good tax free money doing it that they try to chase down, mentally ill/distraught that have fallen through the cracks, and children that have nowhere else to go which get very much taken advantage of. The chief said not to give money and to call his department. They could get them on a roadmap which would provide temporary help. The Scottsdale Police Department phone number is 480-312-5000. I've asked his secretary to provide us more details as to how to get involved and help. That should be forthcoming over the next week. The chief said opioids are not only a growing issue nationally but also locally. They've been provided the tool of narcan to absorb the opioid from a person's body but they usually awake in a flurry when administered. Narcan is supposed to have little impact on those not on a drug overdose. It's being paid for by grants but he wasn't sure where the grants were coming from. He thought it was very worthwhile. Some in our group expressed interest in the ongoing cost of the product. It sounds like if people stayed away from drugs in general it would cost us all less but narcan is there as needed for now. That concludes my take on last night's meeting.


Chief_Rodbell_04-10_(2).jpgScottsdale Police Chief Rodbell is our featured speaker.

Liberty Group that has worldwide schools teaching liberty will speak for about 20 minutes.

Cheri Harbaugh
 will give us an update on the status of Common Core in SUSD

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