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Time for Constitutional Conservatives to Take America Back!

Repeal___replace.jpegThe Leftist Socialists are angry they have lost control and will stop at nothing to keep America from being great, again!  Next week the House Committees are going to begin markup of the Obamacare Repeal and Replace Healthcare Replace Bill.  This will be  one of the most intense political cycles of our lives. 
This is not about healthcare - it is a fight for control of the voters and the Soul of America!  If we lose this fight, the rest of the Trump/Conservative agenda, including tax reform & free trade will fail. 
We have already seen the deluge of lies & misdirection that the socialists have sent out - this will increase as Conservatives approach repeal and replace.  Congressman Schweikert is asking all of us to use social media and our connections to broadcast the truth!  
We need to fight back as hard as they are attacking American Values & Principles!repeal_and_replace_2.jpeg

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Time for Constitutional Conservatives to Take America Back!
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