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TPS is Keeping Scottsdale Beautiful - Thanks to All Participants

aaaaa.jpgTPS adopted Chaparral Road between Hayden & Pima and we had a great time on Saturday, October 24

Several joined us for Breakfast before the event at Randy's Restaurant 

"Greetings Fellow Patriots--'Just a brief note of thanks to all for the wonderful participation in our Saturday, October 24th subject Clean-Up Day Event.  It's always such a great source of satisfaction for us to be in the company of such "Happy Warriors" who see a job to be done and strike out on the task and don't stop 'til it is completed.  We all did a terrific job and Gratitude is extended to Annette&Ray, Marilyn, Sunny, Marty, Gary, Pat&Doug, and Sue&Jim who joined me for the event.  Also, special thanks are extended  to Doug Reed, our Event Captain, for the excellent job in coordinating with the City of Scottsdale and organizing our "crew" for the work that day--job well done! 

In addition to the "thanks" from passers-by, to the dog walkers, to the honks and thumbs up from drivers to the woman whose home where the "water wagon" was parked and who actually came out of the house to praise this day's efforts and our past clean-ups saying "the road has never been cleaner than since we started," the appreciation was certainly noted.  Thanks again to all, yours in Liberty,"        

aaaa.jpgBill Doyle                





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TPS is Keeping Scottsdale Beautiful - Thanks to All Participants
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