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Trevor Louden's Proposed Team of Leaders!

T_louden_2.jpgLet’s put together a


Let us reach-out to the conservative wing of the Republican Party, the Tea Party, Evangelical Christians and a growing number of Constitutional Patriot groups.  Let us, all who care deeply about the direction our country is headed, come together and begin thinking outside the box with a conversation that will rock the Nation and the Statists and Marxists who try to eliminate any and all conversation.

 We will demand leadership that places the national interest above 

personal ambition and stop the Washington insiders from controlling the process.  We can push back the “conventional wisdom” of the Left & the Right.

 FOR PRESIDENT:  Senator Ted Cruz

FOR VICE PRESIDENT:  Former Congressman Allen West

 SECRETARY OF THE TREASURY:  Senator Rand Paul – Carte Blanche on the IRS!

 SECRETARY OF ENERGY:  Former Governor Sarah Palin – Drill Baby Drill!

 SECRETARY OF LABOR:  Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin – Right to work nationwide!

 SECRETARY OF COMMERCE:  Herman Cain – Deregulate, deregulate, deregulate!

 SECRETARY OF STATE:  Former Ambassador John Bolton – Strengthen our relationship with allies and put our enemies on notice that we shall not be held hostage by their aggression!

 AMBASSADOR TO THE UNITED NATIONS:  NO ONE…NOPE…NOT HAPPENING.  We are finished with that Marxist hotbed of universal control and meddling!


SECRETARY OF EDUCATION:  David Barton – Home Schooling Protected…Common Core, GONE…quality based education, RETURNED!

 SECRETARY OF THE INTERIOR:  Senator Mike Lee of Utah – Open the Federal Lands back to the people and the states!


 This team is announced sooner than later; the team begins traveling our country (not as a group) discussing a coordinated and well thought-out platform to bring America back to the shining light on the hill we once were, and this program is shared with the people, now and often!  The citizens get the opportunity to ask away of each member on the team; to bring forward their concerns and wait for the answers from that team member, or combination of team members, that will rid you of your worry.  STOP the political dialogue!  STOP the political power broker scripted talking points!  Each team member must also lay-out in writing a simple, easy to understand, method they will use in their area of responsibility on how they intend to help reduce government size, promote private citizens and enterprise, and help propel our Nation back to greatness and strength. 

 Selected members of Congress who already have demonstrated shared beliefs as briefly outlined will be tasked to advise this team, and will be free to share with the citizens their views and how well they were received.  No

longer, will the Executive Branch Departments of Government be allowed to run rogue over the many, including the People’s Representatives – the Congress!

 Another giant in our Nation’s history put together a team, a couple of times as a matter of fact:  George Washington knew a thing or two about bringing a team together to protect and serve the people; to act as a watchman so, a-centralized all-powerful federal government could not get away with what we are seeing before our eyes in the present.  How President Washington and the other Founders would be appalled at the current sight of what had 

 This taken from remarks of Trevor Louden with edits by Pat Shaler and may include SENTINEL INTELLIGENCE SERVICES, LLC COMMENTARY AND PERSONAL REMARKS by Lyle Rapacki –March the 8th, 2014

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