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Vice Mayor, Kathy Littlefield, Position on DDC

I absolutely agree the DDC should not be built in the Preserve without an affirmative vote of Scottsdale citizens.  I also believe no taxpayer dollars should be used to build the DDC anywhere without an affirmative vote of Scottsdale citizens.

In January when the City Council voted for a $1.7M "study" of the DDC (I opposed this), the City Attorney stated the City Council has the power to put the DDC in the Preserve without the approval of Scottsdale voters.  I do not agree;  however, his legal opinion "gives cover" for those who want to place the DDC within the Preserve boundaries.  After much negative public comment, the Mayor voted for a NON-BINDING request to put the issue before the voters.  However, he did NOT support Councilman Phillips' motion to amend the contract awarded to the architect designing the DDC to include site options other than the Gateway.  In fact, Councilman Phillips and I were the only two votes to vote FOR the amendment.

The architectural designs are not scheduled to come before Council again until after the first of the year.   However, since the architects are only allowed to design a DDC that will be placed inside the Gateway, that is where I expect to see the designs placed.  Conveniently, none of those running for re-election need to take a stand to allow a vote of the citizens before the election.

Vice Mayor Kathy Littlefield

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Vice Mayor, Kathy Littlefield, Position on DDC
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