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What's Wrong with the DDC?

1. Violates Preserve Ordinance

  • This is a commercial venture that includes a restaurant, cafe, gift shop, night lighting, and special events.

  • Clear violation of Preserve Ordinance, that will require ordinance change.

  • Once the Preserve Ordinance is modified, there is no stopping commercial development in any part of the Preserve.

  • The Citizens have voted for the Preserve, and funded the Preserve. This commercial venture is against the wishes of the voters.

2. Cost

  • Original plans from 1999 called for a small visitor’s center (15,800 sq. ft., $4.3 M).  The most recent plan (2010)  features a 74,000 sq. ft. development consisting of 15 buildings, parking for 900 cars and buses, spread over 30 acres within the Preserve, costing $74 million. There is no reason to believe the scope will not continue to swell.

  • Scottsdale has the highest per capita debt of any city in the Valley. This will cost each resident $300. A family of 4 will take on $1200 of debt to fund this project.

  • Current projected operating costs 

  • run at an annual deficit over $1.6M.

3. Traffic

  • 330,000 visitors annually in cars and buses

  • Staff of almost 350

  • 900 parking spots

  • This commercial venture is out of character with our neighborhood, and will lower property values.

4. Not in the Residents’ Interests

  • Driven by tourism, not residents. At every survey, Council meeting and every public meeting, the residents have overwhelmingly voiced their opposition to this project. Speakers in favor have overwhelmingly been from Tourism.

  • Councilwoman Virginia Korte confirmed on April 24 this is a tourist venture. “The tourism industry is the engine that drives our economy...One opportunity being explored is the Desert Discovery Center

  • Mayor Jim Lane said at the March Windgate Ranch DDC meeting that  he did not believe the DDC would pass a public vote in 2016.

  • Councilwomen Korte, Klapp and Millhaven all voted at the April City Council against putting a discussion of a public vote on the DDC on the City Council’s future agenda

By Jason Alexander

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What's Wrong with the DDC?
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What's Wrong with the DDC?
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