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Who would have thought that picking up trash could be fun!

_MG_7535.JPGSaturday morning, April 26, we all met at The Breakfast Club for a feast, courtesy of Member, Kyle Shivers. and then headed over to Chaparral & Hayden to begin our 'cleanup'.  It was a perfect day for it - cloudy & breezy   We do not see much 'trash' driving by, but that is belied by the 1000's of cigarette butts & filters - no, the filters never disintegrate - never!

First - a message from our President - then, scroll down for a response from our City of Scottsdale Coordinator, Judy Melton.

Congratulations! and Thank You to all our TPS Volunteers for the huge turn-out and success of today's first- ever TPS Adopt-A-Road Clean-Up Day Event.  All 25 of you were magnificent--in spite of 
the wind and rain--and successfully picked clean both sides of Chaparral Road between Hayden and Pima (11 of the large green garbage bags were filled with debris by the time we had finished).  In fact, you were so efficient in lending your time and muscle to the task at hand, that we completed the clean-up in 2&1/2 hours--and the area looks great.  You were awe-inspiring!
My personal thanks to all--especially our Event Chairman Raun Alosi, to Kyle Shivers of the Breakfast Club for so generously providing complimentary breakfast to all volunteers and fortifying us for the effort at hand, and to Phil Gudenschwager of Gudenschwager Photography for the professional photo coverage our activities throughout the morning on a gratis basis (photos should be available and posted on the website by Monday). 
I am continually humbled to be in the company of Tea Party folks who so unselfishly and willingly give of their time and talent to volunteer for these projects.  I am inspired by your generosity of spirit and your "happy warrior" approach to the task at hand.  You have my utmost respect, admiration and gratitude for your many contributions and especially your efforts today--thanks again!
Yours in Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness, 
Bill Doyle, President

 From Doug to Judy:

Good morning, Judy. I thought the attached might be of interest. We had a great turnout and a really good group effort. Looking forward to the next one in October.
Doug Reed
Scottsdale Tea Party
and Judy replies:

Good morning, Doug! 

 Thanks for sharing; we love photos!!  …I had to remove them because I’ve reached my max storage and I couldn’t reply until I freed up space, but I saved them electronically for safekeeping and possible addition to announcements in the future.  J 
That was a great turnout and also a great press release; thank you for spreading information about the program.  We appreciate your participation, support and the help keeping Scottsdale streets “Clean & Scenic”! 
Have a great day,
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