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Why I'm an IslamoVeryPhobe by Dr Brad Lyles

Always pay attention to the man behind the curtain.

Pay especial attention to:

  • THE DUELING QUR’ANS: Understand the true nature of the two Qur’ans (Medina and Mecca) that are combined into the single Qur’an. The earlier peaceful/loving Qur’an derives from Mohammed’s thirteen years of preaching in Mecca—“you have your religion and I have mine,” “there should be no compulsion in religion,” “to kill one person is as if killing the whole world.” The later violent Medina Qur’an is the Qur’an revealed to Mohammed during his nine years in Medina, when he was no longer a preacher but a very successful warlord, conqueror, and terrorist. This is the Qur’an directing Muslims to strike at the necks (decapitate) the unbelievers, to kill or subdue the unbelievers, to take numerous sex slaves among the unbelievers, and other gross ISIS-like stuff.
  • ABROGATION: It is understood by all schools of Islam that the violent Medina Qur’an supplants the earlier peaceful Mecca Qur’an. This is because of the Qur’anic doctrine of ABROGATION: The most recent violent Medina Qur’anic verses “abrogate” (supersede) the earlier peaceful Mecca verses. So now you know: From now on you can laugh out loud whenever you hear someone alleging Islam is a religion of peace. This may have applied, only, in Mecca, but never since.

[NOTE: The correct way to understand this doctrine of abrogation is 

to realize that Muhammad got the verses of the Quran over a period of 23 years. The so-called peaceful, earlier verses belonged to the period when Muhammad and his small band of Moslems were in a tiny minority so that he could not afford to be aggressive. As he acquired more and more power in Medina, the verses of the Quran became ever more aggressive. Therefore, the peaceful Meccan verses apply, even today, when Moslems are in a small minority, such as in America. These verses are abrogated by the more aggressive verses when Moslems are powerful enough to be aggressive.]

  • TAQIYYA: Beyond understanding the dual nature of the Qur’an, the “two books in one,” and the doctrine of abrogation, it is crucial to understand the Qur’anic doctrine of Taqiyya, i.e. “sacred lying.” Muslims are commanded to lie, by their God, whenever lying is helpful in subduing unbelievers. One popular cleric directed his congregation to “smile with your face while cursing the unbelievers in your hearts.”
  • JIHAD: It is crucial we “get it right” regarding the genuine meaning of “Jihad.” The Qur’an is explicit in its meaning: At its core Jihad means physical, violent warfare against the unbelievers, endlessly, until everyone accepts Allah as the one God and Mohammed as his Prophet. Though Mohammed advocated civilizational, economic, and psychological Jihad as well, he admonished Muslims to avoid appearing before Allah without physical wounds (from Jihad). Jihad, literally meaning “to struggle,” has in no case ever classically referred to “internal spiritual struggle” or struggle with weight loss.
  • ACTUAL DIVINE WORDS OF ALLAH: Finally, it must be understood that by definition (by Allah, Mohammed, the Qur’an), Islam cannot be modified, moderated, or reformed. There can be no “moderate” Muslims other than those Muslims who remain unaware of their own Scripture or who choose to ignore it. The reason?: The Qur’an is 100% the undiluted Word of God. Since the text is the literal Word of God, (vs. the “inspired” Word in Christianity), Islam asserts Gods Words to be (of course) inviolable, unchangeable, and not subject to interpretation. Consequently, “Moderation” or “Reformation” are not permitted—and such attempts carry the death penalty.
  • 270 MILLION DEAD: At this point it helps to know that from about the year 623, to the present day, Islam has killed 270 million people (far more than Ghengis Khan, and he killed 11% of the world’s population). Though ruthless in the West to be sure, Islam was an even greater scourge upon the East, killing over 80 million Hindus and Buddhists. And, these numbers do not include the millions and millions of unbelievers pressed into slavery.
  • SHARIA LAW: The true nature of Sharia Law is a Totalitarian Political System ruled by Terror. It has nothing to do with “oh, these are just our quaint cultural customs.” It is deadly to freedom of all colors, free societies (and fun, too). And 50% of the world’s 1.4 billion Muslims believes STRONGLY that Sharia Law should control not only Muslim countries, but all countries. Sharia Law means:
    • Eradication of free speech, equal rights, individual liberties, equal protection under the law, e.g. every right and protection recommended by the U.S. Constitution
    • Death Penalty for apostates (those who speak ill of Islam or attempt to leave Islam = you are NOT ALLOWED to leave Islam, for any reason, or you will live under a perpetual death warrant).
    • Death Penalty for gays
    • Death Penalty (stoning) for adultery
    • Death Penalty for blasphemy, which is defined as anything offensive to Islam, including cartoons or satire
    • Genital mutilation (clitoridectomies) for most young girls (intending to eliminate sexual response in women). 90% of Muslim women in Egypt, for example, had their clitorises ripped out as young girls.
    • Breathtaking subjugation and devaluation of women
    • Treatment of Christians/Jews as second-class citizens (extreme Jim Crow, by comparison), as “Dhimmis,” who must “pay the jizzia (tax) and feel themselves subdued”


  • MOHAMMED AS THE EXCELLENT EXAMPLE OF CONDUCT: Allah declared Mohammed the ‘excellent example of conduct,’ and instructed all Muslims to pattern their lives obsessively upon Mohammed’s. Curiously, Allah’s admonition to the believer made no exception for Mohammed’s last nine years of “excellent examples,” which included his roles as successful and inspirational warlord, terrorist, thief, decapitator, polygamist, and consummating husband to a nine-year old bride, Aisha. Mohammed’s every word and deed is believed to be—is commanded as—the ideal model of behavior for all Muslims—really. This is not hyperbole. Soak this in.


  • AS SERIOUS AS A HEART ATTACK: Islam is deadly serious. Within 100 years of the death of Mohammed (632), Islam conquered half of all Christian lands, which for four hundred years included North Africa, Egypt, Arabia, the Levant, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, and Turkey. These Christian societies, within the Byzantine Empire, were not brutish. They were cultured, literate, relatively wealthy, and traded with partners as far away as China. Land and sea transportation were so advanced Egypt became the “breadbasket” for all of the Mediterranean because transporting grain by ships was so inexpensive. Islam laid waste all this, the peoples, structures, libraries, cultivation, safe sea and land travel and more.


  • DARK AGES—NOT WHAT YOUR MOTHER TAUGHT YOU: The politically correct history books leave out the parts explaining that prior to the Dark Ages in Europe (following Islam’s dominion), the Goths and Visigoths—that whole “sacking of Rome” thing—yawn - actually did NOT tear down the Roman/Greek Civilization. The Goths and Visigoths merely wanted to acquire what the Romans had, not destroy it. In fact they became Romanized quite rapidly and maintained, and sustained, the Empire. They built roads, libraries, churches, and maintained the intellectual traditions of the ancients. Same great civilization—just different rulers. In contrast, from 632 to 732 the Greco-Roman Byzantine civilization was extinguished by Islam, some scholars now concluding that Islamic Conquest and Destruction was the root cause for Europe’s descent into the Dark Ages.

Because of the foregoing, and having seen behind the curtain into what appears to be the true nature of Islam—the religion of 1.4 billion Muslims - I find myself compelled to be not only an Islamophobe but an IslamoVeryPhobe. I’m not just guarded or afraid regarding Islam; I’m VERY afraid of Islam.

This being said, I still believe, of course, the vast majority of Muslims do not wish to kill me, subjugate me or harm me or our shared society in any way. However, their religion (the one outlined in the Medina Qur’an) tells them, whether they admit it or not or know it or not, to kill me or subdue me, NOW, if possible.

There can be no argument with the fact that the message of Islam is remarkably threatening—to non-Muslims. The history of Islam is remarkably threatening—to non-Muslims. And many Muslims today, even if only 1%, are currently remarkably threatening and homicidal, right now, to non-Muslims.

All this being said I am not disparaging Muslims. Instead, I am highlighting the historical nature of Islam, its ideology, all of which informs what we see of Islam today. Also, I need to emphasize my love for Muslims—at least insofar as Christ commands this. So, too, I respect Islam—as I respect any profound force that might do me harm. Unfortunately, I have come to fear Islam—to fear it more than any other danger now active in the world.

And so should you.

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