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Your Tax Dollars & the DDCS

The following is from City Councilwoman Kathy Littlefield.  The City Council found out how DDCS was spending the $1.76M from documents provided by NODDC that they received pursuant to a FOIA request - follow that?)

I received a copy of this invoice from a couple of sources yesterday – it blew my mind.  Talked to our City Treasurer, yesterday.  Evidently several Councilmembers contacted him regarding this.  And he is looking into it, as well as into the previous reports (note that this is not the first one).  Several things are of concern to me:

Our staff okayed and passed on this – evidently without doing the basic math to verify the cost.  Makes me wonder what they do all day to earn THEIR paychecks!  They are obviously supportive of this “research” project that is “looking into” the POSSIBILITY of a DDC at the Gateway.  This must have been scanned into the computers instead of being entered line by line to verify the math, as should be the policy for any accounting payment verification.  Hence, no verifications were made.

Staff did send me an email saying the cost was correct – they did pay her (Sam Campana) $10,576.50.  It was the number of hours that was incorrect.  They should have been more.  Same holds true for the payment to the Development Director paycheck.  Last time I looked, 53 times 100 = 5300.00 – not 7995.00!  However  I think this is an outrageous amount for a volunteer group to charge for their time, just because they think we won’t notice.  By the way, the Council as a whole was not told 

they would be paid at all – or at least this Councilmember was not.   This is all citizen tax money… It just goes to show that feeding at the public trough is alive and well in Scottsdale at every opportunity that may come along.   Especially if they think they won’t get caught!  I don’t mind reimbursements for actual costs – when receipts are submitted along with the request for payment – but this is a flagrant abuse of power.  

It is also very “lead-footed” for a group that knows it is facing an uphill fight with the citizens for approval of the DDC.  They know just how riled up people are about it -- they’ve already said they don’t want to see the negative emails from citizens – yes, those citizens that they are supposed to be reaching out to.  Now they are taking their money!  This is not only unethical, it’s politically stupid.  

It just goes to show how bought this process is…their purpose isn’t to study and review the possibility of a DDC at the Gateway.  Their purpose is to ram it down your throats.  There is a lot of money to be had here – Sam’s paycheck is just the tip of the iceberg.  Consider for a moment:  if we allow the land protections to be removed from the Preserve Ordinance (which is what would have to happen to allow any commercial development inside the Preserve boundaries),  ALL of the Preserve land is now unprotected and open for development.  The citizens will have paid almost $1 Billion dollars to preserve this land and keep it free from development.  With no land protections, it basically ALL becomes natural open space, at the will of 4 people of Council, and developers will move in.  Twenty years from now the Preserve will be only a memory.

It is my opinion that by doing this without a binding vote of the citizens of Scottsdale, we are defrauding our citizens.   If the Council went through the process of asking citizens – 5 times – for money to buy Preserve land, all the time knowing that the end game was the removal of the promised land protections from the Ordinance in order to build a commercial development on the Preserve, to my mind that borders on an intent to defraud.   It typifies all that is wrong in Scottsdale City government. (emphasis added, ed.)

Kathy Littlefield

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Your Tax Dollars & the DDCS
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